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2015 Cornell Guidelines available

berry-guide-thumbnailThe 2015 edition of the Cornell Pest Management Guidelines for Berry Crops is now available. This annual publication provides up-to-date pest management and crop production information for blueberry, bramble (raspberry and blackberry), strawberry, ribes (currant and gooseberry), cranberry, elderberry, and Juneberry (Saskatoon) production in New York State. Information on wildlife management and harvesting, handling, and transporting berry crops is also included. This publication has been designed as a practical guide for berry crop producers, crop consultants, ag chemical dealers, and others who advise berry crop producers.

In addition to the annually revised pesticide and crop production information, the following highlighted changes in this 2015 edition of the Berry Guidelines that will benefit berry producers include:

  • Revised food safety and berry crops section.
  • Updated information on spotted wing drosophila control.
  • A new weed control section on herbicide active ingredients and the weeds controlled.
  • Strawberry nutrient management guidelines split between day-neutral and June bearing varieties.
  • Revised agricultural plastics recycling information.

New for 2015 are three different product options for the Cornell Guidelines. Users can obtain a print copy, online-only access, or a package that combines print and online access. The print edition of the 2015 Berry Crops Guide Cost is $28 plus shipping. Online-only access is $28. A combination of print and online access costs $39.00 plus shipping costs for the printed book. Order the 2015 Guidelines from The Cornell Store.


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