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Tioga County – first find

Two SWD, one female and one male, were caught in two traps on August 6, 2014 in Tioga County. Traps are set in a blueberry planting and are being checked daily by the farmer who called in his findings to Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM Program. The four SWD traps are filtered daily to remove the caught fruit flies and the flies are checked microscopically. On a weekly basis, the apple cider vinegar drowning solution and the bait lures are replaced.

The farmer reports a lot more fruit flies being caught in the traps now. The number of SWD is still low (0.5/trap). Because the farm's blueberry harvest will wind down early next week, this farmer will likely choose not to apply insecticide against SWD this year and will proactively explain to customers about SWD using the IPM invasives & exotics fact sheet.

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