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Sustained catch update

SWD has been caught in traps for two weeks in a row = sustained trap catch at locations in Rensselaer, Albany and Cayuga Counties. The locations in Albany and Cayuga Counties have very low numbers this week, still. The location in Rensselaer County does have higher numbers in week two, 16, versus 2 in week one. The Onondaga County location had reduced SWD numbers, dropping from 21 in week one to 3 in week two, after initiating a spray program.  This may demonstrate the effectiveness of insecticide programs for reducing trap catch or SWD populations in fruit plantings. Thank you to Laura McDermott and Cara Fraver, Eastern NY Horticulture Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and to my crew, Jacob Robinson and Tyler Sollenne, for helping us provide this information to the blog. Ripe and ripening fruit should be protected with insecticide sprays if not being clean picked.

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