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SWD Working Group invite

The Northeast IPM SWD Working Group invites fruit growers, extension specialists, and researchers dealing with SWD to participate in our yearly meeting. The focus of the meeting is for farmers and scientists to share field and research reports culminating in priorities to guide our work on spotted wing Drosophila. We meet on Tuesday, September 16, […]

St. Lawrence County – first find

A single female SWD was caught in a trap collected on August 25, 2014 by Paul Hetzler, St. Lawrence County Cornell Cooperative Extension. The trap was set in a berry field. (GDD = 1749, day length 13:31) To date, most trapping sites in NY have caught SWD, reached sustained trap captures, and populations are climbing. […]

Wyoming County – first find

Four male SWD were caught the week ending August 14, 2014 in traps being monitored in red raspberry by Donald Gasiewicz, Wyoming County Cornell Cooperative Extension. One SWD was caught in a trap set on the edge of the planting; the other three were caught in one trap within the planting. Male SWD are quite […]

Washington County – first find

One male and one female SWD were caught the week ending August 8, 2014 in traps being monitored in blueberry by Cara Fraver and Laura McDermott, Eastern NY Horticulture Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension. The SWD were both caught in a trap set on the edge of the blueberry planting; the other three traps at the […]

Exclusion netting demo

Consider attending a demonstration of the use of exclusion netting for SWD in blueberry on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm at The Berry Patch of Stonewall Hill Farm, 15589 NY Route 22, Stephentown, NY. The manufacturer of the netting will also be there. A high tunnel raspberry planting outfitted with a […]

Chemung County – first find

One female SWD was caught the week ending August 6, 2014 in traps being monitored in blueberry by Jabe Warren, Chemung County Cornell Cooperative Extension. Most trap network locations now have first catch of SWD, though numbers are low. Counties where SWD has not been caught in the network, to date, include Clinton, Herkimer, Livingston, […]

Tioga County – first find

Two SWD, one female and one male, were caught in two traps on August 6, 2014 in Tioga County. Traps are set in a blueberry planting and are being checked daily by the farmer who called in his findings to Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM Program. The four SWD traps are filtered daily to remove the […]

Chautauqua County – first find

Two female SWD were caught the week ending July 30, 2014 in traps being monitored by Betsy Burgeson, Chautauqua County Cornell Cooperative Extension, in blueberry and raspberry. The females were caught in separate traps, one in the blueberry planting and one in the raspberry planting on the same farm. (GDD = 1230, day length = […]

Orleans County – first find

Three SWD were caught in traps set in two berry farms in Orleans County in the weeks ending July 22 and 25, 2014. Two females, one at each location, and one male were found in a total of six traps. The traps are being monitored by Elizabeth Tee working with Debbie Breth in the Lake […]

Sustained catch update

SWD has been caught in traps for two weeks in a row = sustained trap catch at locations in Rensselaer, Albany and Cayuga Counties. The locations in Albany and Cayuga Counties have very low numbers this week, still. The location in Rensselaer County does have higher numbers in week two, 16, versus 2 in week […]