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Cayuga County – first report

Two male SWD, within a raspberry planting, and one female SWD, on the edge of the planting, were caught in traps collected on July 25 in Cayuga County by Julie Carroll, NYS IPM Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension. The raspberries in the planting are beginning to ripen. It is certainly time to plan SWD management strategies to protect berry crops. At this same location, in four traps in a harvested sweet cherry orchard an identified total of 36 SWD were caught, 8 females and 28 males. In one trap, only half of the vinegar flies were counted because it contained over 8,000 individuals. Taking into account the SWD from this trap and doubling those, brings the total estimated count to 45 SWD, 11 females and 34 males. (Accumulated GDD 1416, day length 14:40)

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