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Livingston County – first report

One male and one female SWD were caught in traps set in a raspberry planting in Livingston County by David Thorp, Livingston County Cornell Cooperative Extension, and identified by yours truly. Last week's extreme heat in western NY may have hampered trap captures while this week's moderate daytime temperature and cool nights may have favored insect activity and trap captures. Keep in mind that traps compete poorly with fruit for SWD. Routine harvest so as not to leave any ripe fruit in the planting is a good tactic against SWD infestation. (Accumulated GDD 1252, day length 14:40)

SWD female caught in a Livingston County raspberry planting the week of July 18 to 24. The characteristic saw-tooth ovipositor is shown in the inset, upper left. Note the thin dark bands on the abdomen.

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