How do you know when it’s mid-semester

When you’re in the thick of the semester, you feel like you’re slogging through. It just seems to drag on and on and there are clear indicators of it.

1) Half the class is missing.
My Computer Science class has 500 people enrolled in it.  Half of them attend the 9.05 AM lecture and the other half attend the 11AM lecture. I attend the 9.05 one. At the beginning of the semester, when I would walk into the lecture hall at 9 AM, almost all the seats would be taken, except for a few at the back. These days, I can walk in at 9.10AM and find a seat in the front or middle of the hall.

2) Coffee sale goes up.
One day, I slept at 4.00AM  and woke up at 8.00AM. I had a Math class at nine that morning. I was worried about being too sleepy and maybe falling asleep in class. But I when I went to class that day, several other  students looked just as exhausted as I was. Many of them had coffee cups at the corner of their desks. Around mid-semester, most people seem to replace sleep with coffee.

3) The word prelim is everywhere
In class, the professor might remind you of the number of days to the first prelim. Then you will hear about prelims at the dinner table, in the bus, in the bathroom, in your Physical Education class. And of course, in the library and maybe even in your dreams. Prelims have infiltrated every conversation.

Then your knight in shining armor aka fall break comes to save you!