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I’m Sush, a rising sophomore as of summer 2014. I’m an international student from New Delhi, India and a lot of my Cornell stories might have a different perspective because of that.

At Cornell, I have found homes in the Computer Science Department and a beautiful co-op house named Whitby. Although I’m a CS major, I’m a big fan of a liberal arts education, which is why is I’m the college of Arts and Sciences and hope to find a non-technical concentration as well. I like to call this other concentration “something else”. Thanks to Cornell’s unending course catalogue, it’s been a year and I only have a shortlist so far.

Feel free to contact me with questions you may have about anything Cornell! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hi sushmitha . I want to kno abt tata scholarship . So could u plz mail me.

  1. Hi Sushmita!! I’m Xyan, from Delhi. Wanted to ask you a few questions about your course in computer science! Could you email me at : xyanbhat97@gmail.com or simply Facebook message me whenever you have time??? Thanks!!!

  2. Hey, sushmitha ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your blog. You are an awesome ‘blogger’. I’d like to know how competitive computer science department is. How was your admission process? ๐Ÿ˜€ How is Cornell University? I hope you are doing well.

  3. Hey! I need help regarding the tata scholarship. It would be very helpful if I could contact you through your email id.

  4. Hey. I had sent you an email a few months back but I’ve got no response. In case you haven’t read the mail I’ll send it again. It was regarding the application process at cornell.

  5. hey suh! I am from delhi and I wanted to know about the courses here for medical(mbbs) and also about the scholarship they provide. Waiting for your fast reply as I need someone who can help me up to clear all my doubts. thnx!

  6. Hello!
    As an Indian applying to universities in the US, I had a few queries and I think it’d be great if a student itself could help me out. Let me know if we can go about it and how ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hello, I’m from Korea, and I’m also planning to apply for Cornell for next year for Computer Science. I know its quite late, as there’s only 2 weeks left, but I’ve been researching here and there about Cornell, but I couldn’t find one thing. I found that there is computer science course for both School of Arts and Science as well as School of engineering. How are the two different? and what do you like about the school? Thanks.

  8. Hello. My name is Rosa Perez, and Iโ€™m involved with the Legacy 2000 program at Legacy High School in Broomfield, Colorado. This program is designed to challenge students who have enthusiasm for science, math, and/or technology by fostering studentsโ€™ passions and encouraging students to research ideas, develop ideas, and implement those ideas into reality. Furthermore, a key component of L2k is learning how to communicate and network with people.
    I am investigating what it feels like to attend Cornell University and would like to ask you a few questions. If this is acceptable, please let me know by contacting me at rper57822@adams12.org

  9. Hi Susmi…. My name is Sathyakumar from chennai, India. I’m interested to start my carrier in Cornell as a PhD student. So I have approached one of the faculty from plant biology division and they’ve suggested me to apply through proper channel. The deadline of the application is April 1. The think is right now I don’t have any international English proficiency test score. So what I suppose to do for my English proficiency test before April 1. It would be great if you could do for me. Thank you….. biosathya5@gmail.com

  10. Hi sush
    I’m currently in high school. I’m from India.I was hoping for admission in AAP nd I really wanted to clear some queries nd I’ll really appreciate if u could help me plz contact me at rushbtiwana@gmail com really need ur help plz contact me when ur free.

  11. Hey Sushmitha,

    i want to join Cornell in the fall of 2016 and was wondering if u could help me with the scholarships as the admission and student ambassadors have failed to do so.
    Also, i would love to know more about your admission process and if you can help me with it too.


  12. Dear Sush, I graduated from Cornell with a BA in Economics all the way back in 1986 and have a daughter named Mirai. She will likely apply to Cornell soon as she’s currently a junior at a high school in Oakland, CA. I absolutely loved reading your blog, and I think she will too. Combining your technical background with your interest in the liberal arts is highly commendable, and I think will serve you well in an increasingly complex world that faces seemingly intractable problems. Since we are flying to the East Coast on Sunday, I’m debating whether to drive Mirai up to Ithaca the following afternoon (Dec 21) to look around Tuesday morning (Dec 22), before driving back to NYC. I know it will be very quiet with finals over and no formal tours available. But I imagine there’ll be some undergraduates lingering around, as there always were in my day. If you have any advice, I’d welcome reading it, but no worries if not. Best wishes for your continued growth and success. Vivek (Class of ’86)

  13. Hey Sushmita Di , can I get your email id or facebook profile link . I have got a lot of questions about Cornell and pursuing higher education abroad . So please message me in facebook ( Nilan Saha ) or mail me at nilansaha@gmail.com. Plessss help me out
    Thank You

  14. Hey Sushmitha. I am from Tanzania. I have been accepted to Cornell Eng’ and I will be starting this fall. I have a few questions about the Computer Science courses at Cornell. Would you mind emailing me at chilongani,imani@gmail.com I would very much appreciate your assistance. Thank you

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