Updates and Upcoming

Updates on the activities from my previous post:

  1. I had high hopes for winning something at the Big Idea Competition. There were only 5 contestants for 3 prizes and I did consider myself a stronger candidate. Unfortunately, I did not win. I came away with a list of grievances about how the final was conducted. Although several friends (mostly frank and skeptical people) who attended the final also agree with my complaints, I am not sure if I should voice them because the legitimacy of my complaints is compromised by my experience of not winning.
    More importantly, this means I don’t have funding to run my CS summer program in June. So now I’m bootstrapping: investing some of my own money.
  2. I had applied to two MBA programs – Harvard Business School’s 2+2 and Stanford GSB’s Deferred MBA program. I was invited to interview at Harvard, for which I was in Boston this past weekend. I will hear back with a final response on May 17th – that’s less than one week!

    Baker Library at Harvard Business School

    I haven’t been invited to interview at Stanford yet, and at this point, I can safely assume that it’s a rejection. In any case, I plan to write a series with more details on my application and interview experience next week.

In other news,

Yesterday was my final slope day at Cornell and it was a bucket of fun with some of my closest friends here.

That’s what the slope looks like on slope day.

Now we’re in reading days for finals. I have 3 essays, 1 take-home exam and 1 final exam all due next week. While saying goodbye to some friends here is going to be difficult and I’m already getting nostalgic about my Cornell years, I’m so ready to be done with finals!

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