Senior Semester anxiety+excitement

For most seniors, the last semester tends be the least stressful. Many students have job offers from their summer internships or fall recruitment, so Spring is time to kick back and for once, take it lighter on this campus. Although I did already have a job and knew where I was headed after graduation, this semester has been full of anxiety for me. There are two things looming large on my mind.

The first is that early in April, I submitted applications to two deferred MBA programs. If admitted, I can matriculate after 2-4 years of full time work experience. These applications feel like college applications all over again. First it was the stressful experience of writing the essays and putting together the application when your work never feels good enough. Now it’s the nerve-wrecking waiting when one day I think I’m a competitive applicant and the next day I’m agonizing over all the problems with my essay ¬†( which apparently I couldn’t identify before the deadline!) and the potential holes in my resume.

The second is that I’m putting together CS programs for high school students in Delhi in June. I’m the curriculum designer, the operations manager, grant application writer and to-be instructor. It’s hard to do all that from a remote location, with a regular course load at Cornell and MBA applications on top of that. What’s nerve-wrecking here is that I’m competing at Cornell’s Big Idea Competition where the top prize will be $3000 and also a senior prize which can be up-to $7000. Even $3000 will fully fund the pilot program of 2 weeks for 50 students. That’s about $30 per student per week. Affordability is key to this venture. The final pitch competition is happening next week and I should hear back about the senior prize within a month.

In exactly one month, I will be done with everything I’m waiting to hear back from. I will also be done with my very last undergraduate exam. There should be more breathing room then. Meanwhile, I’m holding onto this excitement+anxiety!