Snow Day Adventures

Winter storm Stella hit the U.S. northeast last week. The Cornell area saw 1.5ft of snow in less than 30 hours. For the first time in my four years as a student here, we got a snow day (we got two actually!). It was the first full snow day since 2007. Tompkins county even closed all roads for a day. This is what it looked like near where I live:

Can you even see the gorge?

That’s what my collegetown street looked like.

Enroute to law school after the roads were cleared on day 2. 

On both days, there was high traffic in the arts quad and libe slope. A friend convinced me that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go sledding at Cornell. There is a long history of winter/snow play at Cornell. I found these awesome images from 1920s-1950s as I was looking up that history:

Toboggan slide at Forest Home Drive, near Beebe lake. I can’t believe this existed. 

Sledding on Libe Slope is no new activity.

Ice Skating on Beebe lake. I don’t think Beebe lake even froze in the past three winters. Climate change? 

Sledding on libe slope has been illegal for several years due to safety concerns. The toboggan slide was discontinued a very long time ago, before my parents born. You can read all about this history at this Ezra Magazine article, from which I sourced those cool black and white photos. Well, even if they had color cameras, I’m sure it would have looked just as black-and-white. Anyway, current Cornellians contributed to this rich history of snow sports last week. Somewhere in all the fun, I lost my phone in the 1.5feet of snow.

My friends and I looked for it in the deep snow and we found a phone, but someone else’s. It was returned to its owner that night. I spent a whole day without a phone (what a millennial thing to say). I realized that I used my phone for all sorts of random things – setting an alarm, checking the weather, co-ordinating meetings with people and ofcourse, I just need to look at it every few minutes. Almost exactly after 24 hours from when I lost my phone, a friend received a text from my phone; someone had found it. My phone had survived the snowstorm and I was reunited with it.

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