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I look at sophomores in my class and wish I could be a sophomore again, but with the knowledge I have now. It doesn’t feel too long ago when I came to Cornell, when 2017 seemed to be out in the horizon. But somehow, it’s been 7 semesters already and every semester, I found a new reason to ignore the Physical and Biological Science requirement. Here’s what my current semester looks like:

Finally fulfilling that PBS requirement –

  • BIOMG 1290: Personal Genomics
  • EAS 2680: Climate and Global Warming

I currently have a Philosophy minor and need three more courses to finish the major, thus making this semester a bootcamp in Philosophy. This is going to be a lot of Hegel, Kant, Marx and Nietzsche. On the one hand, I’m very excited to read these texts which have a great influence on modern society, culture and politics. On the other, I’m worried about maintaining sanity through all the dense reading.

  • PHIL 2460: Ethics and Environment
  • PHIL 2240: 19th and 20th Century European Thought
  • PHIL 3252: Marx as Philosopher

If that’s not enough, my love for knowledge leads me to every course under the sun. It has been really hard to keep my number of courses manageable; this feels like my last chance to take any of these wonderful courses (though, hopefully, there will be grad school of some sort).

  • PMA 2830: The Expressive Voice
    This is a studio class and it’s all about voice, speech and dialect training. It was originally designed for actors who will need to assume different pitch/tone/quality of voice for different characters and have to project and perform for months at a time. But there are enough non/semi-actors taking the class that our professor is also teaching applications to public speaking of all varieties. So far, it’s made me very conscious of my speech habits and I’m awkwardly trying to unlearn the bad habits. Throw back to freshman year when I took an acting class and was part of a theatre troupe – this class is an absolute delight!

This is a reading and writing intensive semester. I’ve always had atleast two quant/technical courses, which gave me balance between the liberal arts and STEM. I need the add and drop deadlines to arrive soon, before I can change my mind about my courses.

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