A PE Class a Semester

During my very first pre-enroll in classes, I spent a lot of time on the Physical Education listings. Over a hundred classes are offered in nearly every sport/physical wellness each semester. I had never learnt to swim, so my first semester, I took beginning swimming. The next semester, I tried to take a yoga and meditation class called “Meditation and Relaxation” and utterly failed at it. The classes were on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm, which was right before most of my evening prelims or project deadlines that semester. I’m still made fun of for failing a class on relaxation.

Sophomore year, I took meditation, and passed. I had to make up for my previous failure. Then I tried to take 8o’clock rock which is a essentially a morning workout class. Forget working out in the morning, I couldn’t even consistently wake up at 8 with my sophomore year CS major workload and late nights.

We only need 2 PEs for graduation, and since I had those, I decided to forget about the PEs. As a senior, I now have the luxury of taking a relatively light courseload and so I also took a PE called “Bootcamp”, which is a military style physical training class that meets twice a week for 1.5hours in the morning. I was also afraid that if I don’t find discipline to be physically fit while in college, I never might!

In Bootcamp, as the class description already warned us, the instructor pushes us hard (within safe limits) in strength and cardio training. I was in poor shape going into the class but by week 6, I was able to run 3 miles (in a timeframe I am still embarrassed of though) and do a decent number of push-ups. However, the hardest part of this class is not the workout itself. It is going to bed on time so I can get up in time for class, eating well so my body can keep up with the heavy workout, making sure I’m hydrated and showing up even when the weather is dreary. It has been a rewarding experience so far.

My very last pre-enroll at Cornell just passed and I made a long list of PEs I want to take. Ofcourse, I can’t take them all, so I only signed up for two. And that adds one more item to the list of “things I regret not doing at Cornell”: I regret not taking a PE each semester. That might also be my most sincere advice to underclassmen, to take a PE each semester.


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