161#22: The plantations

This is part of a series on 161 things to do at Cornell, and this is #22 on the list: Observe the golden hour from the Newman Overlook in the Cornell Plantations

In freshman year, I had accidentally walked into the Plantations when I was exploring campus with a friend. We went to the Plantations office and gift shop and walked around it, but did not really see the plantations. So yesterday, I actually went to the plantations with two friends and observed golden hour from the Newman Overlook. In our 1 hour walk from collegetown to the overlook, we got lost several times and had to ask for directions each time. Even Google Maps couldn’t help us.

Newman Overlook and the Gong

When we finally got to Newman Overlook, we hit the gong and it was a very painful sound. One of my friends worried that the sound would disturb the trees. I don’t know if it disturbed the trees, but it did disturb me.

Newman Arboretum. There were many cute turtles in that pond!

My own photos did not do justice to the scenery. It was serene and beautiful! I will definitely be returning to see the plantations in the fall; I’m guessing it will be even prettier in fall colors.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-29 at 10.53.46

It was far more beautiful in reality!


The Senior Life

In my first week on campus as a senior, several things feel very different from the last three years.

  • I don’t recognize as many people as I used to before, not even in Duffield hall. Where are all the seniors? (Oh, that’s me now)
  • Were freshmen always so young and doe-eyed? They look too young for 18 year olds.
  • I can’t seem to decide on my classes. In the past, there had always been some classes which were requirements and I did not have much choice. This semester, every class I will take is an elective and I have 10 alternatives for each one! With the kind of flexibility that gives to my schedule, making a decision is difficult.
  • 11:15am seems too early for class. Why would I pick a morning class when my first class could be at 1:25pm.