Onto Senior Year

Last week I had to move out of my off-campus apartment. It only feels like a short while since I had signed the lease, but it had already been a year and it was time to say goodbye to the apartment and my roommate, who graduated last week. As I was packing, I was surprised (yet again) by the amount of stuff I had accumulated. I didn’t have space to store all of it. There were textbooks, old essays, random pieces of paper which offered a glimpse into the past, my first paycheck stub ever, objects which evoked memories of good times with friends; all of these had to be left behind.

As I packed and flew out to Seattle for my summer internship, I was onto a new chapter of life. I’m a senior now, almost ready to step out of the Cornell bubble and into the real world. This summer seems to be a trial period of what lies ahead. Moments like these are nerve-wracking, yet very exciting.

1 thought on “Onto Senior Year

  1. Hey, Sushmitha nice one, It always feels sad to leave your friends and old home ( I also faced it when I was in college). But as nature teach us ”always walk ahead” so you will learn some new points with every new step. Hope that new place will also give you some awesome memories and good friends. May god bless you always, Good luck for the final year.

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