Onto Senior Year

Last week I had to move out of my off-campus apartment. It only feels like a short while since I had signed the lease, but it had already been a year and it was time to say goodbye to the apartment and my roommate, who graduated last week. As I was packing, I was surprised (yet again) by the amount of stuff I had accumulated. I didn’t have space to store all of it. There were textbooks, old essays, random pieces of paper which offered a glimpse into the past, my first paycheck stub ever, objects which evoked memories of good times with friends; all of these had to be left behind.

As I packed and flew out to Seattle for my summer internship, I was onto a new chapter of life. I’m a senior now, almost ready to step out of the Cornell bubble and into the real world. This summer seems to be a trial period of what lies ahead. Moments like these are nerve-wracking, yet very exciting.