Plans for Winter Break

Today was the last day of classes. I have a few projects and exams due in the coming week, and then I’m off for winter break. This winter break is particularly exciting because I will be in Ecuador for three weeks as part of a course I’m taking at Cornell. The course has been very enlightening and has really emphasized critical thinking. It has given me the space to recognize the greater system we are working within – the things we take for constants, to evaluate the system itself, and to think beyond it. I have been writing another blog this semester – essentially reflections on the reading, discussions and lectures of that class. If you want to know more about this class/trip, head over there!

Somewhere in Intag, Ecuador


But winter break is 6 weeks long this time. Since I haven’t been home since last winter break, I’m going home for about two weeks before the trip to Ecuador. Next week, this time, I will be on my way to India. I can’t wait for mom’s homecooked food, the much missed street food, cold Delhi winter (will miss indoor heating though) and time to wile away with books and friends.