Choose any Two: Social Life, Sleep, Homework

Everyone will tell you that time management is key in college. We all know that. What we didn’t know is that it’s hard to do in college! If life was a video game, high school would be level Easy and college would be level Hell. Before coming to college, I came across a Venn diagram about balancing your social life, academics and sleep in college.

Life of a College Student

Rather than balancing, it’s about choosing. At the beginning, I thought it was an exaggeration. Why can’t I have all three? And two months in college, that diagram represents 60% of my thoughts everyday. We make this 2 out of 3 choice every moment in college and we all make different choices. How do you know who choose which?

1) The ones who choose Homework and Social Life:
These are the cool people who loves to brag about how little they sleep  because they are so busy. “How do you get so much sleep? I only slept for two hours last night”, they say to everyone they meet. You can identify this kind of college student in class if you look for the person who propels the coffee sales on campus. This person will bring a cup of coffee to class every day and might end up sleeping in class anyway.

2) The ones who choose Social Life and Sleep:
Everyone else envies the amount of fun they have. Until .. well, prelims. These people are too cool for school. They berate anyone who talks about homework. How do you identify them in class? You look for the dude who walks in late into class and hi-fives at least five people before settling in that seat at the back of the class.

3)The ones who choose Homework and Sleep:
Nobody knows anything about them. Because nobody really sees them around, except maybe in the dining halls or on the way to  class. In class, they’re probably the ones sitting in the front seats and nodding excessively. And these people love to talk about how sleep they get. “I cannot go without my 9 hours of sleep everyday,” they will claim.

4) The ones who balance all three: Homework, Social Life and Sleep.
They don’t exist. Oh wait, they do. They are probably called Gender Studies majors*.

I know which category I’m leaning towards. I’m too embarrassed to admit it. Okay, I’m mostly choosing homework and sleep. I slept for about 7 hours last night. Isn’t that wonderful?

*No offence to Gender Studies majors.  This is a joke.
P.S.: These stereotypes may or may not exist. Please exercise humor.

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