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Previous Semesters

Our Cornell Abroad bloggers from previous semesters have returned from their studies abroad, but their blog posts are still available here. To learn more about Cornell Abroad, visit our web site.

Spring 2017

SP_pic Alekhya Chaparala – Legon, Ghana
“Hello! My name is Alekhya and I am a third-year Biology & Society student with a minor in Global Health. This spring I am studying abroad at the University of Ghana, which is just outside the coastal capital city of Accra. Born in the US to Indian parents, I’ve grown up living in different regions of the country and spending many of my summers with family in India. I love learning about the daily life, culture and history of different parts of the world, and I’m looking forward to doing so through both my coursework at UG and my experiences outside the classroom. Living at UG will also be an opportunity for me to meet contemporaries from all around Ghana and Africa and explore my own identity outside of an American context. Follow along as I reflect on my experiences and adventures over four months in Ghana!”
SP_pic Veronica LaRotta – Beijing, China
“Hi! My name is Vero and I am a junior studying Industrial and Labor Relations with a minor in China and Asia-Pacific Studies. I will be taking courses at Renmin University in Beijing this semester while working to improve my Mandarin. I spent nine years in Asia, between Japan and Hong Kong, and I’m thrilled to be back in a continent that has played such a big role in my life and hopefully be part of my future. On campus, I am a member of Hearsay A Cappella, The Roosevelt Institute and I am a facilitator for the Intergroup Dialogue Project. Right now I live in Scarsdale, NY but love to visit my family in Buenos Aires and Bogota whenever possible. I am a big fan of the outdoors and like to backpack with my friends over the summer. Can’t wait to travel in China, eat great food and speak some 中文!”
SP_pic Joey Binder – Kruger National Park, South Africa
“Hi my name is Joey Binder!! I am currently a Junior studying Biology with a concentration in Evolution and Ecology. I am also pre-med. I will be spending my Spring 2017 semester in South Africa, studying the wild life and conservation efforts in Krueger National Park. In my free time, I like to snowboard, skateboard, surf, and mountain bike. I can’t wait for you all to follow my journey!”
SP_pic Sara Koyama Hwong – Galapagos, Ecuador
“Hi! I’m Sara, a junior studying Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. I’ve never been out of NY State for more than three months at a time, so going abroad to Ecuador for a whole semester will be such a dream. I’ll be spending a month in Quito and three months on San Cristobal Island (Galápagos), learning about how people interact with the natural environment. Hiking, reading novels, exploring street markets, and meeting strangers are some of my favorite pastimes. On campus, I am an Orientation Supervisor, Research Assistant, member of the Cross-Cultural Adoptee Mentorship Program and the Japan-US Association, and a frequent patron of Libe Café. As much as I love Ithaca and Cornell, wow, I am so looking forward to exploring the islands, both their nature and their culture.”
SP_pic Greta Sloan – Uganda, India & Brazil
“My name is Greta Sloan, and I will be traveling to Kampala, Uganda; New Delhi, India; and Sao Paulo, Brazil this Spring. At Cornell, I have been merging my interests in organizational work with my passion for psychological research and therapeutic programming. My program abroad offers a wonderful opportunity for me to build upon my studies as it focuses on organizations and programs that aim to address social issues. At Cornell, I am majoring in Human Development and minoring in both Global Health and Spanish. I hope to absorb all that I can out of my experience, grow, and reach a deeper understanding of my passions and interests. I hope to share some of this with you on my blog!”
SP_pic Shaalini Ganesalingham – Nilgiris Field Learning Center, India
“Shaalini Ganesalingam is currently a junior majoring in International Agriculture and Rural Development, concentrating in Economics and minoring in Global Health. She is interested in the intersectionality of race and gender in determining disease vulnerability and global healthcare accessibility. She hopes to develop sustainable, upstream-factor-focused healthcare policies and programs. Shaalini is from the urban melting pot of Queens, New York. She enjoys the diversity found in music; She has taken Caranatic vocal lessons back home and currently is a member of The Chainotes, Cornell’s Jewish acapella group. She loves watching Tamil and Disney movies, listening to spoken word poetry, and writing. If she isn’t doing any of the above, she is probably satisfying her inner adrenaline junkie, learning how to skateboard, box, or walking on fences.”
SP_pic Sloane Applebaum – London College of Fashion, UK
“Hello. My name is Sloane Applebaum, and I am a junior studying Fiber Science and Apparel Design with a concentration in Management and a minor in Business. This semester, I will be a student at the London College of Fashion. While abroad, I will be taking classes in all different aspects of the fashion industry, from product development and luxury brand management to fashion communications and style theory. Additionally, I am excited to explore some areas in Europe to which I have not previously traveled! I have been an avid blogger since 2013, when I began a personal style and travel blog, and I am thrilled to be sharing my abroad experiences not only on my personal platform but also through Cornell Abroad!”
SP_pic Christina Xu – Paris, France
“Hello all! My name is Christina Xu and I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in mathematics, economics, and French. On campus when I am not holed up in Olin Library (first floor, window desks), I love to dance, barista, entrepreneur, and attend various office hours. I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland so needless to say, I am thrilled to be spending this semester in the City of Lights at the Université Paris-Didérot through an Emory/Duke/Cornell consortium program (EDUCO). With the impending French elections and the aftermath of Brexit, I believe France will be an incredibly unique place to observe and learn this spring; I am excited more generally to engage in a country that can call itself the birthplace of the Enlightenment, a treasure trove of art and literature, and home to the finest pastries known to mankind. “
SP_pic Cassie Blazejeski – Geneva, Switzerland
“Hello! I am so excited to be a contributing voice for the abroad experience, from Geneva Switzerland! To paraphrase UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie, you do not fully understand yourself until you learn who are, apart from everything you know–your relationships, your family and your friends. I’m really glad to be somewhere new to expand my self awareness, learn how to speak French, witness one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and more. I am originally from upstate New York, and am currently pursuing a major in Industrial & Labor Relations with minors in law & society, and cognitive science. I hope to expand my knowledge in these areas through my abroad program-SIT Multilateral Diplomacy and International Relations.”
SP_pic Etinosa Obanor – Hong Kong, South Korea & Japan
“Hello! My name is Etinosa Obanor, and I am a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, majoring in Biology & Society with a minor in Nutritional Sciences. I came to Cornell from North Carolina, and will be venturing away from upstate New York to explore East Asia! Specifically, I’ll have the chance to visit Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Hong Kong, China. Through my comparative experiences, I will have the chance to both attend classes as well as participate in an 6-week internship, from which I hope to gain insight on the environmental and public health problems in these nations, and the approaches used to address them. In addition to writing, my hobbies include exercise, acting, baking, and making others laugh! Join me in my blog to keep up with my experiences as I embrace full-heartedly new places, people, cultures and more!”
SP_pic Allegra Hanlon – Edinburgh, Scotland
“Hi!! I’m Allegra Hanlon. Half Colombian, Half Irish American, born in California, raised in Miami, and over the spring semester of 2017, I’ll be studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I’m an English major with a business minor, so I’ll be learning anything and everything about the beauty of narrative writing and literature in the U.K. Last summer, I worked as an editorial intern for Billboard Magazine, and I know that the experiences I’ll have in Europe will help add to my list of crazy writing stories- the more people I meet, the better! I cannot wait to get my journey started.”
SP_pic Ashley Stappenbeck – Galway, Ireland
“Hello Everyone! My name is Ashley Stappenbeck, I am a junior in the College of Engineering studying Environmental Engineering. I will be spending the semester on the western coast of Ireland at the National University of Ireland in Galway. There I will be taking a variety of classes in engineering, sciences, and history meanwhile experiencing a new culture and life abroad. I am so excited to share my experience with you all, the adventures as well as the mishaps. I am looking forward to a semester full of learning, in both the academic and cultural sense, as well as making new friends and seeing new places, and I hope that you’ll join me to hear all about it!”
SP_pic Kate Coppa- Edinburgh, Scotland
“Awrite! My name is Kate Coppa and I’m a Junior in the College of Engineering. If you couldn’t tell from my Scottish greeting, I’ll be studying at the University of Edinburgh next semester. After two and a half years of studying stochastic processes and optimization methods, I am thrilled to spend one semester focusing on the Humanities. At Edinburgh’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, I will take courses such as Drawn from the City, an art course allowing me to capture Scotland’s beauty through photography. The theme for my semester is exploration. I want to experience everything on my ever-expanding bucket list. I want to view the city from atop Edinburgh Castle, hike up Arthur’s Seat, and sample every pub in Old Town. And, of course, I’ll recall each adventure right here. Enjoy!”
SP_pic Sarah Zumba- London, UK
“Sarah Zumba is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in English and minoring in Latino/a Studies. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Sarah has always had a fascination with story telling and is an aspiring journalist. She has a passion for the arts, including writing and photography, which she always tries to incorporate into her work. She will be spending her spring semester in London, England continuing towards her degree in English. She is looking forward to experiencing everything the city has to offer and recounting it all on this blog.”
SP_pic Madeleine Day – London, UK
“Hey all! My name is Madeline Day and I’m a junior majoring in English Literature & Psychology and minoring in Law & Society. During my time abroad I’m looking to explore literature in London from Shakespeare’s Globe Theater to Sherlock Holmes’ 221B Baker Street. Back on campus I write for the Cornell Daily Sun and Slope Media Magazine and am on the staff for Cornell’s own Marginalia Review as well as the the national publication, The Blueshift Journal. To sum me up, I love looking out the windows of long car rides, getting runner’s highs, and kicking back to enjoy a good grilled cheese. “
SP_pic Ming Khan – Canterbury, New Zealand
“Hello! My name is Ming. I am a third year Science of Earth Systems student from Bangladesh in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, concentrating in Geology. I will be studying in New Zealand for almost six months, during which I will be participating in field work and a research project in addition to a full semester of classes. I will have spotty internet access for a month, which is rather exciting – maybe I’ll get over my addiction to my phone! My family of five is split over three countries and starting very soon it will be three continents. In my spare time I read children’s books, lead the Science of Earth Systems Student Association, work at Uris Library and the Paleontological Research Institution, and debate with the Cornell Speech and Debate Society. “

Fall 2017

SP_pic Kelsey Sklar – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey Sklar and I am a junior Human Biology, Health and Society major with a Global Health minor. This Spring I will be studying abroad in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the national capital of the Argentine Republic, through the SIT program “Public Health in Urban Environments.” I am excited to share my journey with you as I piece together broken Spanish, learn how to tango, and live off of red meat and red vino in this cosmopolitan metropolis. Since I will be fulfilling my Global Health minor field experience requirement, I will keep you posted on the development of my public health research project in the context of Argentina. Check out my blog to read about conquering el subte (the extensive subway system) and adapting to the Argentine dialect!”
Isabella Delgado – Budapest, Hungary
“Hi All, my name is Isabella. I am a junior at the School of Hotel Administration. I will be trading in a semester in Ithaca to travel across the Atlantic, and along the Danube River to Budapest, Hungary. I’ll be studying Nationalism and Government at Central European University. I want this semester abroad to be different than what I study at Cornell, yet compliment my hospitality background. I am incredibly excited to ring in the new year in a different country with such a vibrant culture. Please join me as I go on this exciting journey! I cannot wait to discover new parts of the world (and myself), to learn from an eclectic group of people, to eat my way through, and to embrace the many cultural differences. Hope you enjoy–cheers!”
SP_pic Holly Deng – Geneva, Switzerland
“Hi there! My name is Holly and I’m a junior studying Biology & Society. This spring in Geneva, Switzerland, I hope to see the challenges and success of working in international health through BU’s Public Health Internship Program. Let’s explore from the Alps to Zurich — learning to love the little things about Suisse culture, exploring what it means to call a place “home,” and of course, posing for touristy photographs along the way.”
SP_pic Ming Khan – Canterbury, New Zealand “Hello! My name is Ming. I am a third year Science of Earth Systems student from Bangladesh in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, concentrating in Geology. I will be studying in New Zealand for almost six months, during which I will be participating in field work and a research project in addition to a full semester of classes. I will have spotty internet access for a month, which is rather exciting – maybe I’ll get over my addiction to my phone! My family of five is split over three countries and starting very soon it will be three continents. In my spare time I read children’s books, lead the Science of Earth Systems Student Association, work at Uris Library and the Paleontological Research Institution, and debate with the Cornell Speech and Debate Society. “
SP_pic  Katie Schmidt – Edinburgh, UK“Hi! My name is Katie Schmidt and I am an Information Science major here at Cornell. I will be spending the spring of my junior year abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and I cannot wait to experience how Info Sci (or, as they call it, “Informatics”) is taught in a foreign country. I also love to read, go hiking, and nap, and I look forward to experiencing those things abroad as well. Check out my blog to see what I’m up to! (And whether I ever work up the nerve to try haggis…)”

Spring 2016

SP_pic Olivia Hoffman – Dakar, Senegal
“Hello! My name is Olivia Hoffmann and I am a junior majoring in International Agriculture and Rural Development, with minors in French and Development Sociology. During the spring of 2016, I will participating in a program called MSID Senegal: International Development. While in Senegal, I will live with a host family in the nation’s capital, Dakar, take courses, and complete an internship with a local nongovernmental organization. I’m looking forward to improving language skills (the Senegalese mainly speak French and Wolof), immersing myself in the country’s culture, and sharing my experiences with you on this blog!”
SP_pic Gloria Majule – Madrid, Spain
“Hola! My name is Gloria Majule. I am an international student from Tanzania double majoring in Performing and Media Arts and Spanish at Cornell University. For Spring ’16, I will be in Madrid with the BU Madrid program studying Spanish film, theater, literature and politics. I am passionate about writing and acting as well as learning about new cultures. I hope you enjoy reading about my study abroad experience in Spain!”
SP_pic Gail Fletcher – Istanbul, Turkey
“Hi Everyone! My name is Gail Fletcher and I am a junior studying History and Government. This spring semester, I will be in Istanbul, Turkey studying at Boğaziçi University. During my time in Turkey, I hope to strengthen my Turkish, consume a distressingly large amount of Turkish coffee, and to visit sites that are among the most beautiful in the world. I am excited to engage with the new communities I encounter, to take advantage of the unique opportunities that study abroad provides, and to share my experiences every step of the way. “
SP_pic Sarah Palmer – Edinburgh, UK
“Hello, my name is Sarah Palmer. I am a junior History and English double major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I will be spending the spring semester at the beautiful Edinburgh University, Scotland. My paternal family emigrated from Scotland in the 20th Century. My great grandmother, a proud member of the Macdonald clan, exchanged the rolling hills of Scotland for the rocky coast of Maine. Even with this strong blood tie to the old city, I have never gotten a chance to visit. Now, I am excited to become a part of Edinburgh, the city my ancestors called home. Study abroad allows for total immersion in a different culture. I will, in turn, share all my new discoveries and experiences with you.”
SP_pic Tamar Law – Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
“Hiya folks–I’m Tamar and this semester I’ll be writing from the eighth continent, Madagascar! Through my majors in College Scholar and FGSS and my minors I have been able to cultivate my interests within the intersection of gender politics and conservation biology. This spring I’m eager to apply my interests within the SIT field based program on biodiversity and natural resource management. Living in the southern most tip of Madagascar, in the city of Tôlanaro, I’ll be traveling around the Island before settling down to do my own research for the final 6 weeks of my stay. Join me as I encounter lemurs, try to learn Malagasy while speaking french and call a tent my home for a bit!”
SP_pic Alexandra Burton – Paris, France
“My name is Alexandra Burton, and I’m a junior double majoring in Biology & Society and English, with a minor in French. I’ll be spending the spring semester in Paris, France with a program called EDUCO. Though my classes will be all in French at the universities in Paris, which is admittedly daunting, I am very excited to expand my education in the humanities from a different perspective. I am passionate about literature and philosophy, and I think Paris will be an exciting new setting in which to study. I also love the outdoors, and in my free time I enjoy running, hiking, and rock climbing. I hope you enjoy my blog!” “

Fall 2016

SP_pic Michael Mauer – Kyoto, Japan
“Michael Mauer is a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Computer Science and Asian Studies. At Cornell, Michael is a member of the fencing club, and a blogger for the Cornell Daily Sun. In his spare time, Michael enjoys running, writing poetry, and watching anime. This summer, he’ll be blogging about his experiences in Hikone, Japan as a parcipant in the Critical Language Scholarship program. Then, in the fall, he’ll be studying abroad (and continuing to blog) at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies. Feel free to get in touch with him via your social media of choice (email, Facebook, Google+, etc).”
SP_pic Rebecca Lester – Rome, Italy
“My name is Rebecca Lester and I am a communication major with a law minor at Cornell University. I was born and raised in Miami, FL. Exposed to many languages as a child I became fascinated with them and the cultures to which they belonged. As I became older my fascination motivated me to learn Spanish and French in addition to speaking Portuguese and English at home. As a child I was also fascinated by photography and after suffering a concussion in high school turned to photography to express myself. Due to the concussion I had difficulty using words to express myself and through this learned just how important communication and learning are for me. Every day I aim to learn more about myself and the world. This fall I will get a once in a lifetime learning experience to study abroad in Italy on the banks of the Tiber.”
SP_pic Sarah DeMoully – Copenhagen, Denmark
“Haj! I originally hail from Denver, Colorado, I love adventuring and being outdoors. I am super excited to explore all Copenhagen, Denmark has to offer this coming fall. I am majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences and minoring in Health Policy in the College of Human Ecology. In Copenhagen, I will be studying health care delivery and prioritization in a universal health care system and taking additional courses regarding the intersection of urban and regional planning with public health. On campus, I am a research assistant for the Seguin Research Group’s Strong Hearts, Healthy Communities Project and I am also tour guide for Cornell’s Visitor Relations. I look forward to being my own tour guide this fall and I hope to soak up some amazing cultural experiences at art galleries, street vendors and concerts across Europe! “
SP_pic Amelia Brackett – Copenhagen, Denmark
“Hey! My name is Amelia Brackett, and I am a junior here at Cornell. I am majoring in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies and minoring in both Education and Psychology. My dream is to become a teacher, and over the summer I taught 7th grade writing to high-achieving, low-income students. I am currently studying abroad in Denmark in order to continue studying women’s inequality issues. Specifically, I am studying Prostitution and the Sex Trade, and I am particularly interested in how this topic helps shape constructions of gender in Denmark. In my spare time, I enjoy partaking in community service. In fact, over spring break, I completed a service trip in Lake Placid, NY, in which I mentored at-risk adolescent males. I am SO excited to begin blogging!”

Spring 2015

SP_pic Yixuan Zhang – Oxford, UK
“Hi! My name is Yixuan Zhang, and I’m studying Philosophy and Economics at Cornell University. I will be spending my junior year 2015-2016 in Pembroke College, University of Oxford, studying Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE). Growing up in Beijing, China and going to college in the U.S., I have always been stimulated by the two types of cultural and educational experiences. Now I couldn’t be more excited for another new culture and another completely different academic experience ahead! I look forward to sharing my stories and reflections with you all.”
SP_pic Svati Pazhyanur – South Africa
Svati is a junior PAM major in Human Ecology studying Global Health. While studying with SIT’s Community Health program in South Africa, she hopes to be challenged and taught by inequality, poverty, opportunities and progress South Africa has made post-apartheid, and complete a research project on malnutrition in rural South Africa. She is excited to meet her homestay family and make lasting connections with new and unexpected people while abroad!

Lena Li – Berlin, Germany

“I am Lena Li, a German and Government double major, who is spending an academic year in Berlin as an exchange student at the Freie Universität through the BCGS study abroad program. I adapted the title of this blog, “Ein Koffer in Berlin” (A suitcase in Berlin) from the song “Ich habe noch einen Koffer in Berlin” (I still have a suitcase in Berlin) by German-American singer and actress Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992). Though unlike Dietrich, I have only a suitcase in Berlin: I have no roots in Berlin. I was born in China, grew up in the USA, and this trip is my first time on European soil. Nevertheless, I share Dietrich’s longing for Berlin; and with my suitcase in Berlin and my feet on the ground, I plan to make acquaintance with German culture, people, and society, and recount my adventures to readers here.”
SP_pic Stacy Ndlovu – Paris, France
“Hey there! I’m Stacy and I’m a senior from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe double majoring in Government and French. I will be spending the Fall ’15 semester in Paris with the EDUCO program. While in Paris, I will be enrolled at the University of Paris VII Diderot and will be not only be working towards perfecting my French, but also on my honors thesis on unregulated boat migration from Africa into Europe. Join me as I navigate Paris trying to answer questions, such as, what is it like to be an international student in France? When we look past the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, the museums, the art galleries et al – what and who is Paris? Will I become Parisienne-esque or am I going to be a tourist who is just passing through?”
SP_pic Tyler Keegan – Paris in Spring . (After Brazil, S. Africa, India in Fall)
“Hello all! My name is Tyler Keegan and I am a Junior in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning majoring in Urban & Regional Studies and minoring in Inequality Studies. I am so excited to be spending the whole 2015-2016 academic year studying abroad! During the Fall, I’ll be traveling to São Paulo, Brazil, Cape Town, South Africa, and Ahmedabad, India as part of SIT’s “Cities in the 21st Century” International Honors Program. Then, I’ll be back home in Atlanta, Georgia for a short winter break before spending Spring semester with Cornell In Paris, France. It will be an amazing year of personal growth, challenges, and learning – and I can’t wait to share it with all of you on my blog!”
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kelsey Poljacik – Tanzania
Hello, all! My name is Kelsey, and I’m a junior studying Natural Resources with a dual-concentration in Applied Ecology and Resource Policy and Management, and a minor in Law and Society. For the Spring of 2015, I will be studying abroad with The School for Field Studies. Originally, my program was to be in Panama, but due to electrical damage at the field station, I will instead be participating in my alternate SFS program–Northern Tanzania! I will be studying Wildlife Management, with a specific focus on human-wildlife conflict. I couldn’t be more excited to explore the many National Parks of Northern Tanzania, to visit the Serengeti, and to be immersed in a very new culture!
CFPic_SM Chaila Fraundorfer – London, UK
Hi my name is Chaila. Currently, I am a junior at Cornell University, studying Industrial and Labor Relations with a minor in Art History and Business. This spring I will be studying Art Markets at Sotheby’s Institute in London, England. After reading Don Thompson’s book The Supermodel and the Brillo Box I became fascinated by art markets and how they can revel socio-economic trends. At Sotheby’s I hope to combine my business focus along with my passion for art history. I love to travel, explore and eat good food!
 Hanna Reichel – India
Hello there! My name is Hanna, and I’ll be reporting from southern India, where I’m spending the spring semester collaborating on sustainability initiatives with local communities. A native of Vermont, I came to Cornell specifically for its Urban & Regional Studies major, which has allowed me to fuse my passions for food, design, and sustainability in imagining stronger communities for the future. In just three semesters on campus, my world has expanded exponentially – and it’s about to get a whole lot bigger. Please join me on this adventure – as I experience life in the Nilgiri hills, learn the Tamil language, and eat lots of delicious food.
LLpic_SM Laura Lin – Nepal
Hi! I’m Laura (Chun-Chia) Lin, a junior from Taipei, Taiwan majoring in Human Biology, Health & Society in Cornell University College of Human Ecology. I plan to pursue my Global Health minor in Kirtipur, Nepal through the Cornell Nepal Study Program. As a pre-dental, I will be focusing my field research project on oral health in Pokhara. Coming to the United States for college has already been an enriching experience abroad–I’m confident that my time in Nepal will be even more exciting. Read my blog to learn all about the people, culture and stories of Nepal!
SGPic_SM Sara Gonzalez – Costa Rica
Hi! My name is Sara and I am a junior studying biology in CALS. I am so excited to spend the semester immersed in the biodiverse habitats of Costa Rica, where I will study tropical biology as well as Costa Rican culture and the Spanish language. Growing up in suburban Maryland with a forest and creek in my backyard, I watched nature like a show, entranced by the behavior of ants and the sound of cicadas. In addition to my passion for ecology, I enjoy being part of Cornell’s Figure Skating Club, practicing Tae Kwon Do, baking bread with the Challah for Hunger Club, and DJ-ing on WVBR radio. I can’t wait to take on a new adventure in Costa Rica and share my stories with you!
TF_Pic_sm Trenel Francis – London, UK
Hey everyone! My name is Trenel Francis. I am a Junior in the College of Human Ecology and a native of New York City. At Cornell, I study human development and minor in education; however, for almost 6 months, I will be studying psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London in New Cross, London, which is about a 15- minute tube ride from Central. I am excited to explore the UK (and hopefully Europe) on my own because England has history in the West Indies, where my family is from. I hope to experience life in London which may or may not be similar to home. Most of all, I look forward to sharing my adventures with all of you.

Fall 2014

Jennifer Wang – Kyoto, Japan
Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a junior majoring in Applied Economics and Management with minors in Information Sciences and East Asian Studies. From September 2014 to May 2015, I’ll be trading the Ithaca scenery for the temples of Kyoto, Japan. There, I’ll be attending the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS), where I’m looking forward to studying Japanese language and literature. My free time will likely be filled with yummy food and tastes of Japanese culture – and the more than occasional gaijin moment. Regardless of where it takes me, I hope you’ll enjoy accompanying me on my Japan journey!
Francesco Jimenez – Osaka, Japan
My name is Francesco, and I am a senior at the School of Hotel Administration and a native of Los Angeles California. I chose to spend my fall semester abroad in Osaka, Japan to develop high-level proficiency in the Japanese language and to understand Japanese customs. I hope to one day manage my own business within the hospitality industry by serving elite clients hailing from different parts of the world.
Julia Dagum – Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Hey there! My name is Julia and I will be studying abroad this fall on Bioko, an island that is part of the country of Equatorial Guinea and right off the west coast of Africa. I am a junior studying Environmental Science and Sustainability and I can’t wait to meet endemic monkeys and explore exotic rainforests.
Yannanisai Makuwa – Sevilla, Spain
Hello! My name is Yana Makuwa, and I’ll be spending my junior year blogging about my amazing experiences in the beautiful Sevilla, Spain. I’m a double major in English and Spanish, and plan to completely immerse myself in the vibrant Spanish culture. I’ll be attending the University of Sevilla, and when I’m not in classes I’ll be exploring Spain and hopefully the rest of Europe. Read my blog and see what I discover about Spanish people, music, dance and food!
Sara Hill – Bologna, Italy
Ciao everyone! My name is Sara and this Fall I will be embarking on an unforgettable journey to Bologna, Italy! Known as “La Dotta, La Grossa, La Rossa” or “The Learned, The Fat, and The Red”, this unique nickname is only touching the surface of everything Bologna has to offer and I am excited to share my journey with all of you!
Paroma Chakravarty – Santander, Spain
Hola! I’m Paroma and I’m incredibly excited to spend my junior year in Santander, Spain at the University of Cantabria. High above Cayuga’s waters I study environmental engineering, while staying busy as a residential adviser and being a part of an engineering project team, two co-ed fraternities, and an Indian fusion dance team. While in Spain, I will be taking a few engineering and Spanish language classes. I am excited to see engineering in a whole new context while there, but studying is only one half of study abroad. Armed with my journal and camera, I hope to find as many adventures as possible in Cantabria and share them with you.
Caroline Smith – Rab, Croatia
Hello! My name is Caroline, I am a senior in Landscape Architecture. I’ll be studying abroad in Rab, Croatia where I will be getting messy and working with locals! My program is unique in that I’ll be escaping the usual classroom setting to be part of a team designing and building a meditation garden for, and with, the residents of a mental hospital. Since the program only lasts a couple months, I will be spending another month traveling around Europe. I hope to write about the people I meet, social justice and the attitude toward mental illness in Croatia, my attempts to learn local cuisine (food is an excellent way to really connect with a place), and pieces of design I encounter. I invite you to join me. Adventure awaits!
 Lauren Frazier – Auckland, New Zealand
Kia ora! My name is Lauren. I’m a senior from North Carolina majoring in environmental engineering and this semester I’m living in Auckland, New Zealand. I love traveling, outdoor adventures, extreme sports, and friendly people, and Auckland has all of those things! I am very excited to experience a new culture and learn environmental engineering from a different perspective.
Marissa Tranquilli – Edinburgh, Scotland
Hey Everyone! My name is Marissa Tranquilli. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Chemistry and English. Yes, it is a weird combination. This Fall I am running away from my senior year to Edinburgh, Scotland. I have never been abroad so this is certainly going to be… an experience. It is my intention to take a literary tour of the UK in my spare time. Whether I follow through with my intention or it gloriously fails; I am certain that the culture, beauty, and my antics therein will make my semester at the University of Edinburgh a succession of stories to regale you with.

Spring 2014

Dani Corona – Khoen Kan, Thailand
สวัสดี (Hello!) I’m Dani, a Biology and Society major minoring in Global Health, Policy Analysis and Management, and Southeast Asian Studies. During Spring 2014 I will live in Thailand through a program by CIEE and Khon Kan University titled, “Development and Globalization,” and perform journalistic work on the interactions between Thai citizens, NGOs, and government officials as they seek to shape and understand the environmental issues of their country. I am enthusiastic to venture to Asia and enter a culture and place of learning worlds away from Cornell and my little Californian hometown.
Kimberly Snyder – Thiruvananthapuram, India
Hello! My name is Kimberly Snyder and I am a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I am majoring in Science of Natural and Environmental Systems and minoring in Communications. This spring, I will be attending the University of Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram, India to study the local culture and diverse environment that gives the area its characteristic charm. In my spare time I enjoy writing and taking long hikes. I am very excited to be a blog journalist and I look forward to sharing my incredible adventure.
Vrinda Jagota – Paris, France
Salut! I’m Vrinda, a student majoring in English and film, equipped with a pay-as-you-go flip phone and five too few scarves, roaming the streets of Paris to try to make sense of the word wanderlust in a post-Pinterest world.
Kelsey Clough – Prague, Czech Republic
As a junior in the School of Arts and Sciences, Kelsey is pursuing a degree in the College Scholar Program. This degree, part of an interdisciplinary and independent study program, allows Kelsey to immerse herself in research on altruism. Kelsey is president of the campus club “Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children,” as well as a member of the tap dance troupe “On Tap.” Additionally, she is a senior policy analyst for the Cornell Roosevelt Institute in the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy. At a young age, Kelsey had the opportunity to travel abroad, which sparked her insatiable wanderlust. She feels incredibly lucky and excited to traverse Prague and the rest of Europe, and share her adventures through her blog!
Ariel Cooper – Jerusalem, Israel
Shalom! My name is Ariel and I’m a junior English major and Communication minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. This spring, I will be studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have been to Israel many times before, but I am eager to return. I’m hoping to increase my proficiency in Hebrew and reconnect with my Jewish heritage during my time in Jerusalem. Outside of class, I enjoy teaching horseback riding lessons and writing for The Cornell Daily Sun. I am an avid writer and traveler and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!
Sheryl Quock – Athens, Greece
Sheryl is from San Francisco, California and decided to go on an adventure to the other side of the country by attending Cornell. Now, she is going on another adventure to Athens, Greece, and couldn’t be more excited. She is currently a junior studying applied economics and management in Cornell’s Dyson School, and will be taking courses to complete her major. She enjoys art, music, and writing in her free time, and is looking forward to sharing her experiences as a Cornell Abroad Blog Journalist.
 Paloma Spina – Amazon Basin, Brazil
Hello! My name is Paloma Spina and I am a sophomore in the College of Engineering studying Science of Earth Systems with a concentration in Biogeochemistry. This semester I will be studying in the Amazon Rainforest! We are starting in Belem and will be traveling along the Amazon River Basin. I am really excited to learn more about the ecology of the Amazonian Rainforest in our field courses as well as gain more insight about topics such as politics, economics, and human ecology, which also play a huge part in the topic of conservation. I am really excited to write in this blog and hope I can share as many experiences as I can with you!
Katie Wong – London, UK
Hi! My name is Katie and I’m a junior double majoring in History of Art and Economics. Outside classroom I enjoy dancing, movies, music and the precious face time with friends. I’ll be spending my spring semester at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London for an Art & Business program. I’ll continue feeding myself with all sorts of arts in London and other European cities. Van Gogh’s quote best explains my goal this coming semester – “The best way to know life is to love many things.” I’m trying to love more and know more there.

Fall 2013

Michael Chapin – Oxford, UK
Hi, my name is Michael Chapin and I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Near Eastern Studies. I particularly enjoy studying the ancient Near East and the development of religion in human society. I am active in Cornell’s Chorale and Wind Symphony, and I spent my sophomore year as an RA in JAM. I am spending my junior year studying abroad at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. Outside of school, I am active in the Boy Scouts as a summer camp counselor, and I am a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy.
Alyssa Shuster – Copenhagen, Denmark & Otago, New Zealand
Hi there! My name is Alyssa and I’m a junior majoring in Psychology. Over the next year, I will be living and learning in two hemispheres. Fall semester I will be studying at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Spring Semester I’m heading down under to the South Island of New Zealand, where I will be studying at the University of Otago in Dunedin. In both places, I’m looking forward to experiencing different cultures and ways of life. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you, from Denmark to Dunedin, and many places in between!
Patrick Molligo – Berlin, Germany
Hello, my name is Patrick and I’m a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Economics and German Studies. I’ll be spending the next year studying at the Free University in Berlin, Germany. While an obvious goal of mine is to improve my German, I’m hoping that Germany’s central role in the Eurozone will compliment my Economics studies as well. In my spare time at Cornell I enjoy playing rugby, an activity that I’ll attempt to continue during my stay in Berlin. That said, I’m approaching this trip with an open mind. Here’s hoping you enjoy reading this blog. Auf wiedersehen.
Lauren Pey – London, UK
Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Pey, and I will be spending my junior year at the London School of Economics and Political Science! I recently transferred to the Applied Economics and Management major, with a specialization in Environmental and Resource Economics. Outside of class, I work with the Social Business Consulting group, am a CALS Ambassador, am a Cornell Tradition Fellow, am in Delta Gamma sorority, and am employed on campus. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I was raised to enjoy discovering different foods and cultures from around the world! Thus in addition to exploring London and the English countryside, I am excited to take weekend trips to countries around Europe for a chance to explore even more of the world!


Spring 2013

Tejal Thakkar – Granada, Spain
Hi everyone! My name is Tejal, and I will be studying in Granada, Spain this semester. I am a junior at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell, but my second passion is learning about cultures and languages. While in Granada, I hope to soak in the Spanish culture, learn about the history of this impressive city, and improve on my Spanish along the way. Hopefully I will get to contribute a little bit to their community as well! Story telling is one of my favorite things to do, so I am incredibly excited to be able to share my experiences and stories with you through this blog. ¡Un Saludo!
Jasmyn Mimiko – Barcelona, Spain
¿Qué tal? My name is Jasmyn. I’m a junior in CALS studying animal science, and I will be spending my spring semester in the very lovely city of Barcelona, Spain. “Why Spain?” you ask. Well, with the ever growing hispanic population in the United States (and particularly in South Florida, my home), I think it will be imperative to know spanish. Not to mention Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so I figure it will come in handy. While in Spain, I’ll be studying Spanish at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I’m very excited to submerge myself in the Spanish language and culture (especially food)! I love learning about new cultures and exploring new cities, and I will be sharing my experiences with you. So I hope you’ll join me on my journey!
Monique Hall – London, UK
Hello there! My name is Monique and I’m a junior Human Development major with minors in Creative Writing and Film. I’m excited to be living, learning, and interning abroad in London, UK this semester. I’ll be participating in the Boston University London Internship Program with a concentration in Film, Radio, and Television. In this program, I’ll get to study British media in the classroom and then apply what I’ve learned to the real world through an internship. Although this won’t be my first time in London, I’m excited to be returning for longer than one week and when I’m older than 14. I hope my time in London will provide me with experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. My wish is to return to the US with more than a few great stories to tell and memories to keep.
 Celeste Gonzales – London, UK
Hello there! My name is Celeste, and I’m a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, where I’m majoring in History and minoring in Law & Society. This spring semester I’ll be studying in King’s College London in the United Kingdom. I’m very excited to live in the heart of London and be constantly surrounded by so much history. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of royal families, being particularly interested in the British royal family, and how they have evolved into their present-day form. I’m hoping that studying in London will give me the opportunity to explore this interest of mine. In my spare time I love to read and watch films, so I can’t wait to delve deep into British literature as well as cinema and theater.
Olivia Wittels – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hola! My name is Olivia and I’ll be spending the spring semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m an English major, Spanish minor (but potentially major, depending on how the semester abroad goes) in the College of Arts and Sciences. Outside of academics, I’m a member of the club tennis team, the co-chair of Colleges Against Cancer, and a sports writer for the Daily Sun. I’m a really active person who loves the outdoors, which is why South America is the perfect place for me; Patagonia and Machu Picchu are just a two of the many places I hope to explore. I’ll be living in a homestay, and even though it won’t always be easy, eight years of studying Spanish will definitely help me get by. And although I have a terrible sense of direction, I’m genuinely looking forward to all the places I’ll discover while lost in Buenos Aires. Of course, I’m also ready for the vino, steak, partidos de fútbol, and potential sports star sightings (tennis player Juan Martín del Potro, here I come). I’m beyond excited for this semester and I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!
 Gerrit Wissink – Paris, France & Dakar, Senegal
Hi everyone, my name is Gerrit and I am a Government major, International Relations minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Over the next year, I will be studying political science in the francophone world. In the fall, I will be in Paris, France and in the spring will be Dakar, Senegal. Through exposure to the two education systems, diverse cultural backgrounds, and different modes of political thought, I am excited to grow academically and personally through my study abroad experiences. Thank you for taking the time to share this year with me by reading this blog – it should be quite the time!
Moniek van Rheenan – Sevilla, Spain
¡Saludos a todos! My name is Moniek and I will be spending my junior year in beautiful Seville, Spain. I am pursuing a double-major in English and Spanish, as well as dabbling in linguistics. When not in class, I volunteer with Cornell Elderly Partnership, meet with prospective students as an A&S Ambassador, run with the lightning-fast track club, lector for Cornell Catholic, and work as a TA for a Dutch distance-learning course. While in Spain, I am looking forward to immersing myself in the traditional Andalusian culture and become well-acquainted with the native sevillanos. I believe that both language and culture provide invaluable insight into a person, while at the same time helping me shape a better understanding of myself. I hope you will join me on my journey as I sip café con leche, munch on tapas, celebrate Feria and la Semana Santa, and dance flamenco through the cobbled streets of Sevilla!

Fall 2012

Hannah Zalusky & Laura Lumadue – Copenhagen, Denmark
Hej! We’re Hannah and Laura and we’ll be studying (and co-blogging!) at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen, Denmark. We’re both Design and Environmental Analysis juniors concentrating in Interior Design. We’re very excited to immerse ourselves in Danish culture and learn more about Scandinavian design and the functionality, simplicity, and sustainability that this design entails. We hope to share with you unique details, tidbits, and pictures from our Danish adventures involving architecture, food, language, and our own general silliness. Farvel!
Adrienne Lauchert – Cape Coast, Ghana
Hi there! My name is Adrienne, and I am thrilled to be able to share my experiences in Ghana with you for the next four and a half months. I am studying at the University of Cape Coast through ProWorld, an organization that allows students to combine service learning with their studies. I will be living in a homestay for the duration of my time in Cape Coast, and working with an organization called A Needed Life Foundation. With A Needed Life, I will be participating in community outreach regarding sexual and reproductive health. A Biology and Society major, minoring in Global Health and Nutrition, I have a passion for women’s rights in all areas of the world, with a particular focus on maternal health and nutrition. Join me as I return to the place that has inspired my life’s mission, making memories that will last a lifetime and friends that I will cherish for years to come.


Spring 2012

 Erica Kurowski – Prague, Czech Republic Hello everyone! My name is Erica, and I’m a junior in the College of Engineering, majoring in Operations Research. I’m thrilled to be spending my spring semester in Prague, Czech Republic as part two of my entire junior year away from Ithaca; I spent last semester off-campus as well, gaining work experience through an industrial engineering co-op. When I actually am on campus, I’m involved in Cornell Ambassadors, Society of Women Engineers, Peer Advising, and a stellar intramural soccer team. On top of taking a few major-related classes and a Czech language class, I plan to incorporate my loves of running, violin, telling bad jokes, and making conversation with strangers in the streets into my time in this incredibly beautiful and historic city. I also really hope to encourage future engineers to discover opportunities for adventure outside of of Duffield!
Steve Ham – Alicante, Spain Wuddup everyone. My name is Steve and I will be spending the second semester of my junior year studying in Alicante, Spain at the Universidad de Alicante (Alicante is located along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline) via CIEE. At Cornell, I am a Human Biology, Health, and Society major and Global Health minor in the College of Human Ecology. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, watching movies and TV, listening to music, and relaxing with friends. While in Spain, I hope to work on my Spanish (which is pretty rusty considering I haven’t had any exposure to the language since taking AP Spanish in high school) and gain an appreciation for Spanish and European cultures. I will be taking multiple language courses along with Spanish culture and comparative government courses, all while living with a Spanish family. Hope you enjoy reading about my experiences in Spain, as I am sure to both continually embarrass myself and engorge myself with food, all while having the experience of a lifetime.
 Josh Jeong – Nairobi, Kenya Mambo?! Hey guys I’m Josh, a junior studying human development and minoring in global health and nutrition. I will be studying abroad in Nairobi, Kenya with the School of International Training’s health and community development program. This semester I am really excited for my independent study project, through which I hope to learn more about the ongoing famine which is unfortunately devastating the region of East Africa. While I am in Kenya, I hope too also visit Tanzania sometime and surprise my homestay family from this past summer! Let’s see how and when this will happen! I’m super excited for this opportunity to share my blog, and hope you join me in my semester abroad! Tutaonana!
 Arielle Ray – Buenos Aires, Argentina Hello! I’m Arielle, and I’ll be spending this spring semester enjoying the lovely fall weather of the Southern hemisphere, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a Comparative Literature major focusing on Spanish literature, and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the culture that has been the inspiration for so many of the incredible works that I’ve studied at Cornell. I also sing in an a cappella group and work as a rock climbing instructor for Cornell Outdoor Education, and I plan on pursuing these interests in whatever form I find while I’m abroad. I’m hoping to try all that Argentina has to offer, from tango to maté, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories that I pick up along the way!
 Hannah MacLean – Oxford, UK Hey everyone! My name is Hannah, and I’ll be studying English and Philosophy at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University for my junior year. I spend most of my spare time (when I have any) reading everything I can get my hands on, writing, Irish dancing, and hanging out with friends. I’m a people person, and I’m looking forward to getting to know all sorts of different people across the pond. I couldn’t be more excited, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you!
 Christian Shaw – Perth, Australia G’day, How ya goin’? I’m Christian, I’ve skipped town on the Ithaca winter, if you could call it that this year, and headed down under. I’ll be studying at the University of Western Australia in Perth this spring. I’m hoping to learn a bit about the laid back Australian lifestyle, and why folks here often refer to it as the lucky country. I love the water; especially kitesurfing and surfing, so I am stoked to be living near the ocean. I’m sure I will be spending plenty of time exploring up and down the expansive WA coast. I am a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences studying clean energy in an interdisciplinary fashion. I am exited to be studying in Perth, it is great for the sports I love and will give me an opportunity to study marine aspects of clean energy near the ocean.
Carly Britton – London (UCL), UK Cheers! I’m Carly, a junior majoring in English and psychology, and for the spring of 2012, I will be studying at University College London in London, England. At Cornell, I’m very involved with the Big Red Marching Band and Rainy Day Literary Magazine, but for this semester I will be taking some time to indulge some of my greatest passions: reading great literature, eating good food, exploring new places, and writing about it all. I can’t wait to share my adventures, so please read on and enjoy!

Fall 2011

Larry Kogan – Santiago, Chile
Hola todos! This fall I’ll be spending four months in the heart of Santiago, Chile. After a science-heavy sophomore year I’m looking to broaden my horizons through several liberal arts courses. I will also participate in a clinical observation internship in which I will shadow doctors and learn about the complexities of the Chilean healthcare system. While in Chile, I hope to ski the Andes Mountains, become cultured in Chilean wine and, of course, play as much futbol as possible. Enjoy!
Whitney Holman – Shanghai, China
Hi everyone! My name is Whitney Holman and I’ll be spending the first semester of my junior year at studying at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. I’ve studied Mandarin Chinese for two years at Cornell and come September I’ll have the chance to put my language skills and cultural knowledge to the test. I’ll be taking a break from my usual set of ILR courses to further my knowledge of Chinese culture, language, and business relations with other countries. I’m looking forward to trying new foods, going out on new adventures, making new friends, and immersing myself in a new culture. I hope to chronicle my first experience with international travel well enough to give you all an accurate sense of life in Shanghai while recording and preserving the memories for myself.
Shannon Adelman – Brussels, Belgium
Hi! I’m Shannon, and I am studying in Brussels, Belgium at Vesalius College, focusing in Business, Communication, and Culture. I am a Hotelie at Cornell, and I am interested in marketing, real estate, consulting, and hotel development. At Cornell, I work for the Writing Walk-In Service and the Carol Tatkon Center, and I am a member of Big Red Consulting, as well as a sorority. While abroad, I am hoping to learn more about how business functions internationally, and I am hoping to gain hands-on experience while interning for a Belgian company. I am also excited to travel while abroad, take French for the first time, and live with a Belgian family, all while observing and being immersed in a culture very different from the one I am a part of at Cornell.
Ilana Gilovich – Paris, France
Bonjour mes amis! My name is Ilana Gilovich, and I am an English major, Theater and Dance minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Here at Cornell, I am a member of Impact Dance Troupe, WVBR radio station, CIVR tour guides, the Cornell Prison Education Program, Kappa Alpha Theta, Nourish International, SH, NSCS, and I am also the co-founder and director of the Big Red Shakespeare troupe, alongside the lovely Laura Zarougian (a previous Cornell blogger). I am truly thrilled to be studying abroad during the fall semester of my senior year, and hope that this blog will be a way for you to join me on any future adventures and mishaps that will inevitably arise in the coming six months. I have always resonated with the saying; “This is the beginning of a new day… when tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. In its place will be something that you have left behind. Let it be something good”. I promise to be overwhelmed in all the right ways, and to leave behind lots of new experiences, many strange words, and probably too much consumed food… and I hope you’ll come along for the ride!
Audrey Boochever – Kunming, China
Hey, I’m Audrey and this fall I will be studying and conducting research in Yunnan Province, China. I’ll be studying China’s minority communities, while continuing my study of Mandarin. For the last month of my time in China I will leave Kunming (the capital of Yunnan Province) and head to somewhere else in Yunnan to conduct research (I’ll keep you updated on what I end up choosing to research!). At Cornell, apart from loving all things China, I was also president of Farm to Cornell, a group that strives to bring more local food onto campus. This fall, we are bringing a farmers’ market onto campus to bridge the gap between Ithaca’s agricultural community and the students. Although I am disappointed I won’t be there for the first year of the farmers’ market at Cornell, I am even more pumped to experience the abundant food markets in Yunnan. I hope you enjoy reading about my semester in China, and please feel free to leave many, many comments. Zaijian!
Phoenix Paz – Merida, Mexico
Hey All, I’m Phoenix Paz, a fourth year student at Cornell University where I study History and Spanish. I minor in American Indian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Latino Studies. When not in class or doing homework, I’m an undergraduate Research Assistant for Professor Karim-Aly Kassam; compete with Cornell Dancesport, the competitive ballroom dance team; and perform and tech for Teatrotaller, the Hispanic Theatre troupe at Cornell. This semester I’ll be studying at the Autonomous University of the Yucatan in Merida, Mexico.

Spring 2011

Amber James – Amazon area, Brazil
E aí, galera! Tudo bem? I am a senior in the Department of Natural Resources studying international development and environmental policy. This spring I will be located in Brazil’s Amazonia, working on my senior thesis, a conflict analysis of crime, poverty and agricultural growth in Northern Brazil. The Amazon, the largest rainforest and second-longest river on Earth, has attracted a handful of my adventurer heroes including Teddy Roosevelt, Percy Fawcett, Indiana Jones and Flynn Carsen. And like them, I look forward to the frontier’s promise of pure adventure, that is, evading its obvious perils—from vector-borne diseases and rabid spider monkeys to modern-day slavery and swamp-dwelling anacondas–and experiencing its awesome sights such as the Carnaval-decorated streets of Belem and the white sands of Marajó Island. In my spare time, I hope to do a bit of samba dancing, hiking, canoeing, wildlife photography, and of course, writing on my experiences with spirituality, human connection, social justice, and environmental reconciliation.
Emily Ruzbarsky – Edinburgh, UK
Fàilte from Edinburgh, Scotland! My name is Emily Ruzbarsky, a Junior English major in the college Arts and Sciences. While my choice to spend a semester abroad was always in mind during my college experience, it materialized in the most interesting way. After studying Scottish Literature with professors Tom Hill and Harry Shaw, I realized that I did not want to emerge from in the magical world of faeries, raucous ballads of flytings, the mastery of Robert Burns, and the beautiful descriptions of landscape in Scottish fiction. My interest in Scottish culture was more than peaked. Novels such as Waverley by Walter Scott inspired me to reinterpret stories that I had read in my youth, particularly Peter Pan. In fact, these tales lead me to develop an honors thesis about Peter Pan for my degree here at Cornell. Peter Pan you might say? That is what an Ivy League teaches one to study about? After taking a class in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library of Kroch, studying Children’s Literature, and writing many research papers, I realized that studying abroad would make Cornell experience truly valuable. In Edinburgh, I will do fieldwork in the Rare Book archives that contain the earliest papers of Peter Pan. Who wouldn’t like to touch the original manuscripts of Peter Pan? Well, maybe that was a rhetorical question. With this blog, I hope to document my experiences in a new world- fulfilling my undesirable need to try some haggis, exploring the ancient castles surrounding the city, and touring the Old Town side of Edinburgh, to name a few- and bring along my family & friends as well as the larger Cornell community on my journeys. I can only hope to have as many adventures in the big, bustling world of Edinburgh as Peter Pan had in Neverland!
Rachel Rabinowitz – Sydney (UNSW), Australia
Hey everyone! I’m Rachel Rabinowitz and I’m going to be spending Spring 2011 in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales. While it’s snowing in Ithaca, I’ll be living on the beach in the 70 and 80 degree weather, since it’s summer in Australia. I am a Psychology major and Nutritional Sciences minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. In my spare time, I report for the Cornell Daily Sun, do research in a psychology lab on campus, TA a nutrition class, tutor children at one of the local middle schools, and am a member of a sorority as well as Psi Chi, the psychology honor society. Taking a break from this crazy schedule is my goal as I experience everything Australia has to offer including scuba diving, sky diving, and hanging out with kangaroos. I can’t wait to let you know about everything I do!
Sandie Sandie Cheng – Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi there! My name is Sandie Cheng, and I’m currently a junior at Cornell University. This spring, I will be starting a new chapter in my life, continuing my studies in psychology abroad. I’m embarking on what I know will be an incredible journey to Denmark to learn, to laugh, to eat, and most importantly, to discover the art of travel. Every person, no matter how ordinary, has an extraordinary story to tell – it’s only a matter of whether or not you take the time to listen. And every day is an adventure filled with magic and wonder – you just need to open your eyes to see it. I am excited to share my story with you, and I hope one day, you will find that the greatest adventure may be right before your eyes.
katie  Katie Grandle – Durham, UK
Hello everyone, I am a sophomore in CALS studying Farm Business Management. I am from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and will be spending this year in Durham, England! At Cornell, I am active in our Collegiate FFA Chapter, AEM Ambassadors, CALS Ambassadors, and the Western Equestrian Team. My motto is Go Big or Go Home, so I look forward to an intense year abroad – and an excessive amount of English culture shock! Rugby, steeple chasing, and cricket are on my list of things to do. Traveling is a life changing experience, and I can’t wait to share my time in England with you!
 Laura  Laura Zarougian – Bologna, Italy
I’m thrilled, nervous and completely impatient to begin my stay at the Universita di Bologna! Equipped with two years of Italian courses, I will begin my sojourn in August. Join me as I embark on a year long Italian Immersion Course, in which I will learn to speak, eat and dress like an Italian. I will dive into Italy, and report back with my humble pen, well, computer actually. A warning: I am particularly biased towards art, being a History of Art major, and food, being a lover of all things pasta. I’ll slurp Italian culture and savor the sauce. I hope this blog becomes a conversazione with as many threads as strands of spaghetti in a bowl of pasta.


Fall 2010

Sarah Sarah Shearer – Nepal
Hi! I’m Sarah, and this fall I will be studying at Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur, Nepal through the Cornell-Nepal Study Program. I can’t wait to experience all that Nepal, ‘the rooftop of the world,’ has to offer! In addition to studying Nepali and taking classes on Nepal culture and history, I will be trekking, yoga-ing, getting to know Nepali students, celebrating national holidays, and conducting my own research. I plan to do research on women and children’s health in rural villages in Nepal, a topic that interests me and fits with my minor in Global Health. I will be living in a dorm at the University, but I hope to experience a home-stay as well, perhaps while I conduct my research. Before I chose to spend a semester in Nepal, I knew little about the country. Although I have now started poring over books and current news about Nepal, there is still a lot to learn, and I plan to learn it by immersing myself in the culture of Nepal. I hope you enjoy reading about my semester in Nepal, and don’t be shy about leaving comments, questions, demands.. anything goes! Namaste!
Kaylin Kaylin LeMelle-Thomas – Legon, Ghana
Hi, my name is Kaylin LeMelle- Thomas and I am a senior Human Development major in the College of Human Ecology. I am from New Rochelle in Westchester, New York and this fall I will be spending 4 and a half months at the University of Ghana. I am really excited about taking a few classes at the University, including a local language class to learn how to communicate in Twi. I plan on interning with a doctor hopefully in a field related to sexual health or obstetrics and gynecology. I also want to spend my free time volunteering in a local primary school for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. My dream careers would be to become a doctor and a teacher, and I plan to pursue both of these passions while in Ghana. My trip to Ghana does not end in December—I plan to make life-long connections with the people I meet there so I can continue to make a difference through international service and advocacy. Follow my blog and share the excitement of flavorful foods, hiking adventures, traveling to local countries, volunteering with kids, and networking (and celebrating!) with local and international friends. I am an open-minded, down-to-Earth, curious person and I am sure if you read my blogs you will have fun and feel like you are here in Ghana too. Feel free to keep in touch and post!
Frank Frank Ma – Paris, France
Hello Everyone! My real name’s Machujian but people know me by Frank. I was born in China and moved to Toronto when I was 11 and I’ve been studying French since. I also took German and Spanish in high school but I decided to just focus on French since I am Canadian. But despite all that time, I’m still not fluent in French so I’m really excited to have the opportunity to spend a bit over 4 months in Paris. I’m currently a Biology and Chemistry double major in Arts and Science but I’m planning to take a few humanities class there in Paris and also to spend a lot of time improving my French. I was an RA at the Holland International Living Center this past year and I also took part in Alternative Spring Breaks for the past two years. And like everyone else, I’m really into food so I’m looking forward to the French cuisine and wine
alex Alexandra Lalos – Florence, Italy
Ciao Boys and Girls! My name is Alex Lalos, and I am a junior in the School of Hotel Administration. I love Cornell, but I’m ready to take a shot at life in Florence, Italy as I study at Apicius International School of Hospitality. I have chosen to continue my hospitality education abroad to put a European spin on some of the growing trends and practices in the hospitality industry. I’m concentrating in marketing in the Hotel School, so I am excited to take some Italian destination and wine marketing classes as well as try my hand at some Robert Langdon-esque Symbols and Codes in Italian Art. While I will dearly miss my sisters and my teammates on Cornell Cheerleading, I can’t wait to see new parts of the world, try new things, and meet some really interesting people. I can’t wait to share my experiences and travels with you. I promise to keep it interesting!

Spring 2010

elana Elana Dahlager – Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi, I’m Elana. I’m from St. Paul, Minnesota. I’m a junior in the College Scholar Program and an English major. I’ll be studying at the University of Edinburgh for the semester. I haven’t done a lot of traveling, so I’m super excited for everything to come. Except maybe haggis.
samara Samara Levy – Be’er Sheva, Israel
Shalom everyone! My name is Samara and I am a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences studying Natural Resources. I will be spending the next five and a half months at Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, Israel, right in the Negev desert! At Cornell I spend most of my non-academic time singing with my a cappella group, the Key Elements, or with the Cornell University Chorus and I am excited to explore the cultural music, art, and language of the Israeli people while abroad. Academically, I am interested in water resources and I plan on studying the controversies surrounding water management and its connection to the political and religious strife between Israel and its neighbors. I hope you follow my blog and share this experience with me!
emilyz Emily Zhang – Paris, France
Hi – I’m Emily, a junior at the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Government and Economics, as well as taking French and dallying in a little bit of Arabic. I will be studying in Paris this semester, taking on political science courses in a language that I have come to love and am dying to master. I grew up in Hong Kong, a true crossroad between east and west, and my current intersection of interest between China and Europe lives up to that metaphor. I also debate at Cornell, an activity I intend fully to continue here by debating on the European circuit and take on the likes of Oxford and the LSE. Expect blog entries with a slight feminist slant, liberal descriptions of food, as well as an honest effort to most accurately describe life abroad through my eyes.
colleen Colleen Brisport – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hola, Como esta? I am very excited to be studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina this semester and I cannot wait to practice my Spanish and enjoy the warm weather. I will be participating in the New York University in Buenos Aires program, from February 7, to June 5, 2010. At Cornell, I am completing a major in Industrial Labor Relations with a minor in International Relations. I have always had an interest in Latin American history and culture and decided to study in Buenos Aires. My interest in Argentina sparked when I wrote a research report on Evita Peron during high school. Along with studying in Buenos Aires (BA), I will be volunteering in an Argentinean Non Governmental Organization (NGO). Some of the Cornell organizations I will be missing dearly this semester are the Debate Team, the Pre-Law Fraternity and the Community Partnership Board. In Buenos Aires I plan to become fully immersed in the culture by attending local cultural events, taking yoga classes and indulging in Argentinean cuisine. I look forward to blogging about my experiences in South America. Ciao!
jeff  Jeff Champeau – Kunming, China
Ni hao! My Chinese classmates call me Shen Bo, but most people know me as Jeff. This spring and summer, follow me as I trek through southeast Asia, pursue a blossoming passion for high-quality tea, and study Mandarin and the cultures of southwestern China’s mountainous Yunnan province. There, I will live and learn mostly in the capital city of Kunming, popularly known in China as the City of Eternal Spring for its mild climate throughout the year. Yet over the course of the semester, my classmates and I will venture beyond Kunming to towns such as Dali, Lijiang, and Zhongdian, which are populated by several of China’s fifty-five minority cultures. In fact, my abroad experience through SIT revolves around the theme of understanding the history and culture, the unique customs and values, and the intensifying growth and challenges of these minority societies. Toward that endeavor, I will conduct a field study during the final four weeks of the semester. I will collect my research—potentially on the cultural history of tea in Yunnan—into a term paper in June, and then revise and expand that paper into my history honor’s thesis during my senior year at Cornell.
 kathleen Kathleen Jercich – Brisbane, Australia
I’m Kathleen, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University. This spring, I’ll be studying abroad at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. I’m an English major with minors in Biological Sciences and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In my spare time at Cornell, I teach caving through Cornell Outdoor Education and serve as a mentor for the faQ-online anonymous hotline. I am also a section editor for Kitsch Magazine and a member of the Advisory Board for the Women’s Resource Center. I love creative writing, whether it be poetry or prose, and I will also be working on an honors thesis centered around liminality and Australian literature. It should be a blast, and I’d love to hear your feedback!
leigh Leigh Morehouse – Hong Kong
Hey! I’m Leigh and I’m a junior in the College of Human Ecology studying Fiber Science & Apparel Design. Originally from Westchester County, N.Y., I am taking a break from Cornell this semester to live in Hong Kong. I am studying through Syracuse University at the City University of Hong Kong and will be taking classes as well as completing an internship; I’m particularly interested in China’s apparel manufacturing industry. My motto for the next few months is carpe diem! I have never been to Asia before so I plan to explore much of China and travel to many other countries. I will try and clue you in on all of my experiences–everything from the magnificence of the Great Wall to my inability to hold chopsticks. Enjoy!
marisel Marisel Salazar – Madrid, Spain
Bienvenidos a todos! My new home for the next 3 months will be Madrid, Spain. Read along as I tell the story of my life como madrileña and as media intern in Spain. I am a rising junior studying Communication, as well as a budding journalist. Originally, I am from Panama, but have lived in Hawaii, Japan, and Washington, D.C. My plan is to go as native as I can in Madrid and try everything- and hopefully meet the players of Real Madrid along the way. My decision to intern in Spain was to me, an obvious one: if I was to live and play like the Spanish, I should work like the Spanish-siestas included. In addition to interning, I am taking courses in Spanish translation, art and film at el Instituo Internacional. Also, if there are any ideas as to what readers would like me to do while in Spain (visit a particular museum, eat something entirely strange to the American palate), I welcome the suggestions. Diviertete conmigo!
aron Aron Zaltz – Cambridge, England
As an English major at Cornell, the opportunity to spend a year studying English Language and Literature at Robinson College, Cambridge, is tremendously exciting. I was drawn to Cambridge by the desire to immerse myself in the intellectual environment where so much of our Western literary heritage developed. My hope is to become fully engaged in Cambridge’s intellectual life, while absorbing eight centuries of British history and culture in the quads and cobblestones through which Milton, Byron, and Bloom (also a Cornellian!) each passed in their time. I will be learning old and middle English, studying English literature from pre-Norman times to postmodernism, exploring critical theory and literary criticism, trying my hand at composing poetry and writing prose, and last but not least, directing my interests towards my senior thesis. Not to mention that as a proud and committed member of Cornell’s Greek System, I am immensely excited to participate in the various unique and quintessentially British traditions that are the backbone of Cambridge’s vibrant collegiate social life. I feel incredibly privileged to have been given this blog as a medium of communication with the Cornell community while I am away. I thank you for following me, I look forward to updating regularly, and please do not hesitate to leave me comments!
kenyon Kenyon Cory – London, England
Hey all! I’m Kenyon and I’m a junior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Among other hobbies and shenanigans I’m a performer with Cornell’s finest comedy group- Humor Us, a cog in the ever-expanding Slope Media Group, and a member of multiple organizations identified by Greek letters. This year I’ll be heading ‘cross the pond to the London School of Economics. I look forward to getting to know my hometown New York’s sister city and, of course, sharing all my adventures with you!


Fall 2009


alison Alison Keggan – Palmerston North, New Zealand

Hi Everyone! I’m Alison Keggan and I am a sophomore studying Animal Science. At Cornell, I am a member of Sigma Alpha: Professional Agricultural Sorority, Cornell University Dairy Science Club (CUDS), and Collegiate FFA. I am also a Cornell Tradition Fellow and have worked in the Animal Science department for three semesters. I am spending my semester abroad at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Massey has two locations, but wanting to study foreign agriculture, I am at their more agriculturally focused campus. I am looking forward to spending a semester in New Zealand and also sharing my experiences on my blog!
ArielF Ariel Fox – Quito, Ecuador
¡Hola a todas y bienvenidos a Quito! My name is Ariel Fox and I’m a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in English and History. I write to you from the middle of the world, about 15 miles from the equator in Quito, Ecuador. I’ll be living with an Ecuadorian family, taking courses in Andean history, literature, Latin American art, and indigenous dialects and traveling to the Amazon, the Galapagos and all around South America. My hope is to gain fluency in Spanish, immerse myself in a new culture, and make a lifelong connection to the country. Feel free to leave comments and questions and I’ll be sure to respond. Enjoy!
elizabeth Elizabeth Krevsky – Sevilla, Spain
¡Hola de Sevilla! My name is Elizabeth Krevsky and I’m a junior in Arts and Sciences, majoring in Government. I’m originally from Philadelphia, but this spring I’ll be writing to you from Spain where I’ll be studying at the University of Seville. This semester I can’t wait to explore the Iberian Peninsula, learn firsthand about Spanish culture, and actually gain fluency in the language I’ve been studying throughout my time at Cornell. I’m excited for my upcoming adventures in Spain and am looking forward to sharing my experiences in this blog. Read on to find out all about my semester in Sevilla!
grace  Grace Huntley – Galway, Ireland
Hey guys! My name is Grace. I hail from rural NJ (it’s more than an urban legend) and I’m currently a junior in Human ecology, a Human Development major, education minor. Spring semester 2009 I’ll be studying at the National University of Ireland in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. I was lucky and got to visit Galway last year while backpacking across Ireland. The city is beautiful, full of cobbled streets and famous for it’s farmer’s market, music scene, and Oyster Festival. I’m directly enrolling in the school and staying in a random apartment on the coast with three or four other girls in Dunaras Village. I can’t wait to spend the semester attempting to learn Gaelic, learning about Ireland’s educational system, taking advantange of Galways’ renowned Sociology Department, and of course, traveling, traveling, traveling. I’m inviting you to share the experience with me and follow along on my adventures; I’ll try to keep it interesting! The Cliffs of Insanity and the Gift of Gab are only a click away…
maurice Maurice Chammah – Cairo, Egypt

Hello everyone, My name is Maurice and I’m a Junior in the College Scholar Program, Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology. Originally from Austin, Texas, I also am very involved with music, including everything from violin in string quartets and Arabic music to guitar in rock bands. I’m currently spending a semester at the American University in Cairo, studying Arabic and Anthropology and doing research for my thesis. I’ll also be doing quite a bit with music, and will try to have samples of what I find up on the blog.
olga Olga Desyatnik – Barcelona, Spain
I am going to Barcelona for the first time in my life, for 6 months. Coming from New York City (Brooklyn), I’m not scared of a big city, but I have no idea what to expect from Spain in general. I will be studying Spanish literature and some sort of political science, hoping to really get inside the mind of a Spaniard, and see the world as they see it. I’ll certainly be living life as the Barcelonans live it, in addition to travelling as much as I can around Spain and Portugal, and other, as of yet unidentified, places in the region. I chose Barcelona because it is the center of avant-garde art, architecture, and culture, and I can hardly wait to relate to you what funny, ridiculous, interesting, or poignant things I will encounter in my quest for all that this side of the world has to offer.

Spring 2009

brittani Brittani Jackson – Durban, South Africa
Hey guys! My name is Brittani Jackson, and I’m a Junior in Human Ecology, majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society and minoring in Global Health. I’ll be spending the semester in and around Durban, South Africa, exploring the interplay of health care policies, education, and practice. Eventually, I will conduct my own research project. As much as I love Cornell, I figure it’s time to see the world! Originally from Ohio, this is my first time ever visiting a country outside of the United States. I literally have no idea what to expect. I invite you to follow along with me during my journey!
Alessandra Alessandra Roqueta – Bologna, Italy
Ciao ragazzi! My name is Alessandra Roqueta and I’m here to tell you all about my life abroad in Italy. Originally a California girl that loves surfing and playing water polo, I am now a junior at Cornell University majoring in Anthropology and dabbling with Photography. This next year I’ll be writing to you from the small city of Bologna in Northern Italy, where I’ll be studying at the University of Bologna. Through reading this blog I hope to give you a glimpse into the vibrant language, people, land and culture that make up Italy. So join me in my adventure, la vita italiana is just a click away…
lauren Lauren McHugh – Cape Town, South Africa
My name is Lauren McHugh, I am a psychology major at Cornell, and I will be studying abroad at the University of Cape Town. Anything else about what I do or will be doing is up in the air. I haven’t decided if I want my semester to come as close as possible to living a normal South African life, or a 130 day experiment in making every moment count. I can’t say whether I’ll be seeing South Africa’s sights to mark in my memory as another edition of experiences, or to get one sense closer to believing in something non-American. I’m not sure if I will be volunteering to aid or to discover. I can’t tell how I want to divide my time between studying History 306 Photography in South Africa: 1860 to present and photographing South Africa in 2008. And I still haven’t gathered if the far south toilets will flush clockwise or counterclockwise. For as much as I don’t know, I am fairly certain that I will figure it out, if it doesn’t figure itself out first, and will keep my discoveries documented in my blog, so read along.
ariel Ariel Estevez- Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’m an English major at Cornell University. Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., I’m visiting South America for the first time. My heritage is from the Dominican Republic, a far cry from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I’ll be studying abroad for two semesters. I don’t know what to expect, so I look forward to getting to know Argentineans and their culture. To find out more, you’ll have to read on. I’m chronicling my experiences in this blog!



Fall 2008


Max Max Hansen – Berlin, Germany
Ksenia Ksenia Kaladiouk – Budapest, Hungary
Sam Sam Levine – Jerusalem, Israel

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