Student Service Package

1. Free printing, about 200 prints. 2. Personal/credit card pre-paid funds. 3. Bursar Direct Bill, when funds run out.

Students will receive approximately 200 prints per academic year*. The number of prints is based on the type of print job and its standard rate.

Rate and print variables include:
■ Black-and-white vs. Color
■ Single-sided vs. Duplex
■ Letter vs. Tabloid (11×17)

*Allocations are provided annually for Student Affiliation and reset each academic year.

Student Service Core

  • Free printing allocation per academic year.
  • New printers across more than 100 locations: medium- and high-volume single-function and multi-function printers with secure print release.
  • Standard rates no matter where you print.
  • Incentives to use duplex printing for sustainability and reduced rates.


Plus Charging Options

  • A common set of accounts to designate charges.
  • Add personal funds with a credit card.
  • Direct Bursar account billing through Student Services/Student and Campus Life.



  • From a computer lab or your own workstation to any printer on the central Student Printing service.
  • Install PaperCut software on your computer or access your account online.
  • Support for Windows or macOS.
  • Secure print release to Find-Me queues.