Service Requirements

So that the service can achieve its goal to provide a common solution that is sustainable and environmentally conscientious,​ the following requirements will be met:

  • For charging, PaperCut CBORD integration will be used in conjunction with Student and Campus Life solutions to provide a Bursar Bill option.
  • There will be a standardized deployment of desktop clients and printers.
  • There will be a standard set of PaperCut-supported printers through a single vendor.
  • The standard package of printers, to be owned and managed by CIT, will include:
    • Medium-volume single-function models—black-and-white and color.
    • High-volume single-function models—black-and-white and color.
    • A multi-function option, based on location needs.
  • Features and capabilities of the overall service will be chosen that support the largest share of student printing needs across campus.
  • Complexity and variation will be kept to a minimum, making use of standard configurations, and Student Printing will use PaperCut options where we currently have custom programming.

Lab/Printing Center Setup

  • Lab configurations for student service will be deployed in the same fashion  across locations.
  • Lab clients for Windows or macOS client workstations will be bound to the domain and require login by NetID.
  • All clients in all printing centers and students will be part of Cornell Active Directory.
  • A common client package will provide a consistent set of queues to print to and have Windows and macOS client installation options.
  • Print job submissions will require authentication and secure release.