Project Details – Implementation

The changeover from the current service to the new student printing experience will happen in a phased fashion.

  • All current printers, including specialty printers, will continue running on the existing (Net-Print) service until their phased transition date.
  • The new system and the database it uses will be separate from the existing system.
  • Two clients will be deployed “behind the scenes” to manage the interactions with the separate systems.
  • As part of the phased implementation, printers will be deployed in a controlled roll-out (timing TBD). During Phase 1, a plan will be developed for specialty printers.
  • The new service model will offer a free quota, bursar and credit card (note:  use of your credit card to allocate to a personal account on the new system will be offered once the service is fully operational in all locations)
  • Existing printers in locations not yet converted, as well as specialty printers, will run side-by-side with printers using the new service.


Goals of the Implementation Approach

  • Limit impact to Students
  • Limit support complexities and costs
  • Run side by side with existing process and system

The estimated timeline

August 2018: Assessment completed. March 8, 2019: Project Governance. April 30, 2019: Project Plan, Vendor Contract and Support. July 1, 2019: Testing Begins. October 1, 2019: Begin Plan For Implementation. 2020, Date to be Determined: Complete New Printer Implementation

Important Project Activities

  1. Project Planning – Start:  October 2018 | Completed:  March 2019
  2. Campus Stakeholder Meetings (Pilot Group) – Start:  April 2019 | Finish:  May 2019
  3. Design of New System (Prototype) – Start:  June 2019 | Finish:  August 2019
  4. Build of New System (Prototype) – Start:  June 2019 | Finish:  September 2019
  5. Begin Plan for Training and Implementation – Start:  October 2019 | Finish:  TBD