Student Printing Update

December 2019

What’s new with the Student Printing Project
There are updates to “recent activity” and “coming soon” on this page, including completed vendor onsite visits and expansion of the targeted pilot group. Plus, updates have been made to the estimated timeline.

As a result of considerable feedback and guidance from Student Assembly, IT Governance Council, and other university stakeholders, as well as assessment of the current student printing service (Net-Print), a new project has been chartered and approved. The Student Printing Service Project is committed to delivering a consistent and equitable printing experience for Cornell students. Upcoming initiatives will roll out exciting new features and components of the service over time, aimed at striking the right balance of cost, ease of use, and environmental sustainability, while streamlining support and infrastructure.

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The Student Printing Project will:

  • Focus on printing for students​.
  • Strive for uniform and reduced printing rates​, offering free printing allocations to students.
  • Focus on vendor-supported and -provided software.​
  • Implement a solution that is sustainable and environmentally conscientious​.
  • Standardize the applications and printers​ used.

Recent activity

Most recently, we have:

  • Continued to share information about the process with IT Governance Council, IT Service Group Directors, Student Assembly, and College Business Officers​.
  • Completed onsite vendor visits at these pilot locations: CIT computer labs; CU Library; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Engineering and Department of Computer Science; SC Johnson College of Business (JCB); Hotel School; Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI); and Student and Campus Life.
  • Onsite visits provided a greater understanding of these areas:
    • Location volume, traffic, and additional location-specific requirements.
    • Space accommodations for new printers and supplies storage.
    • Geographic dispersion of printers across campus.
    • Local on-the-ground support.
  • Vendor-provided printer hardware and recommendations include comparable replacement of device make and model, and opportunities to optimize the campus printer fleet.
  • Began review of vendor’s hardware and fleet recommendations with pilot departments:
    • CU Library and JCB – Complete
    • CIT labs and OADI – Pending
  • Completed sessions with PaperCut engineers to develop new service solutions and configurations.

(See previous activities at Past Project Steps.)

Coming soon

Next, we’ll:

  • Complete the build and configuration of the prototype system.
  • Begin setting up test locations on campus with new printer hardware.
  • Coordinate pop-up demos for departments and students to preview the new service.
  • Gather user feedback.