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Station News policies

Station News exists to share information within the community at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. Contributions that are relevant to this audience are welcome, following the long tradition of the print publication.

This website is visible to anyone who knows the address. It is currently not indexed by the major search engines, but that can change if desirable. Contributors are asked to bear this visibility in mind when writing.

Contributors who are members of this site are their own editors and proofreaders. This website is operated collectively by those who need to use it. There is no staff or hierarchy.

Classifieds are for items being sold or sought by Station employees. Please keep classifieds short and limit pictures to one that is small (less than 100×100 pixels). Feel free to link to longer descriptions and bigger pictures elsewhere.

News can be added at any time and read at any time. To make Station News a regular event, an email is sent each Friday to the list and to the retirees.