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How to submit news to Station News

For everyone at the Station, you can submit news items by email to your chair/unit leader or department administrative assistant.

Instructions for registered submitters:

1.  Visit the blog and sign in using your netid.

2. Go to the administration page and select the Write Posts tab. (Bookmark this page if you want)

3. Title Write a short headline that makes sense to anyone at the Station. (This is the small box above the posting box, when empty is says Enter title here”).

4. Body Enter your news item in the second box. For a style guide, look at a recent article with a similar purpose. You can use the formatting elements at the top of the Post window. The chain-link icon adds hyperlinks, and the rectangle icon next to “Upload/Insert” lets you add pictures .

Tips for cub reporters

  • For newsy contributions, include “who, what, when, where, how and why.”
  • Don’t bury the lede: Do put the main point in the first sentence.
  • Use the picture caption to draw readers into your story.

5. Categories Choose one or two categories that your item belongs in.

6. Excerpt Enter a one-line summary. This is sentence will be in the weekly email to encourage people to read your story.

7. Click Save Draft.

8. Click Preview. Proofread carefully and go back and edit if needed.

9. Click Publish. (If your want it to be published later, click Edit just above Publish to set the time.)

Since this is a do-it-yourself operation, you are your own editor and proofreader.

General Policies

Detailed How-to for posting,

How to include links

How to include pictures

How to write up an announcement while you are thinking about it, but have it appear later