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David Rosenberger Named the 2013 IFTA Researcher of the Year

At the recent International Fruit Tree Association annual meeting in Boston MA, Dr. David Rosenberger of Cornell University was awarded the 2013 IFTA researcher of the year award. Dave  grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania and then received his PhD degree from Michigan State University.  He then moved to Cornell University and took a research and extension position at Cornell’s Hudson Valley Lab where he has spent his entire career. His research has focused on both pre- and post-harvest disease control of apple but he has also done significant work with stone fruit diseases.  Over the years his work has focused on practical problems that have an impact on the farm.  His work has guided growers for 30 years in how to control the most important apple diseases including apple scab and summer diseases. He also became the world’s expert on post harvest diseases which occur during apple storage and has become the primary source for information on these important post harvest problems. Whenever growers have problem with trees dying or some problem with the fruit, Dave is the person they call.  He is one of the best at diagnosing problems with trees and fruit even if the problem was not caused by a pathogen.  In addition to his primary research responsibilities Dave has served as the superintendent of the Hudson Valley Lab for the last 15 years and has served as the leader of the entire Cornell Fruit Team for the last 6 years.  In his extension role Dave has become a master at translating research information into practical recommendations for growers.  His presentations to growers are always well received and greatly appreciated.  Dave was accompanied to the awards ceremony by his wife Carol who was also recognized for her support of Dave that has allowed him to make such important contributions to the Eastern North American Fruit Industry.


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