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Name that Grape

Researchers at Cornell University will be releasing two new wine grape varieties next year from the university’s agricultural breeding program. And they’re asking the public to create names for them. Listen to the NPR story here!

The Name Game: Contest Seeks Names for Two New Grapes

By Stacey Shackford Cornell scientists are asking the public for names for two new wine grape varieties that will be released from their breeding program in 2013. The two latest varieties from grape breeder Bruce Reisch include a cold-hardy white wine grape and an innovative organic dark red. The first conjures up citrusy aromatic characteristics; […]

Willow Grant Could Speed Development of Promising Bioenergy Crop

By Sarah Thompson   The commercialization of shrub willow as a bioenergy crop could be years closer, thanks to a $1.37 million grant that will allow Cornell researchers to take advantage of the newly mapped shrub willow genome to study hybrid vigor and yield. Larry Smart, associate professor of horticulture, has partnered with Christopher D. […]