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Berry growers cautioned about new insect pest

Late last summer, a single fruit fly dropped into a vinegar trap in the Hudson Valley, alerting extension specialists to spotted wing drosophila’s (SWD) arrival to New York state. This tiny fruit fly may spark big changes for growers of berries and other soft-skinned fruits in the Northeast this summer. “Based on what is occurring […]

Geneva Community Read 2012

Tony Shelton and Marc Fuchs presented to approximately 148 people on the science of agricultural biotechnology on March 9th at one of the Community Read 2012 events. A highlight of the event was that everyone got to try Rainbow papaya hand-picked at the peak of ripeness in Hawaii and air-mailed to Geneva. Susan Brown and […]

Strawberry lovers: Check out Purple Wonder

Cornell’s newest and darkest strawberry variety — Purple Wonder — will make its debut at the Philadelphia International Flower Show March 5 through an exclusive licensing agreement with seed giant W. Atlee Burpee Co. “Purple Wonder is sweet and aromatic, with outstanding strawberry flavor,” said Courtney Weber, Cornell small fruits breeder and associate professor of […]