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Low altitude, high-flying beans to benefit Africa

Slender green beans air-freighted from Kenya to markets in Western Europe are a profitable crop for high-altitude farms across sub-Saharan Africa. Breeding efforts at Cornell could help their lower altitude neighbors also harness the crop’s economic potential. Green beans are Kenya’s most important horticultural export, earning farmers five to 10 times more than the dry […]

Internal lepidopteran pests and oblique-banded leafroller

Growing Produce 2/2/12 The Fruit Insect Control Channel highlights different methods fruit growers can use for insect control, this month’s program discusses future trends in integrated management of internal lepidopteran pests and oblique-banded leafroller. Entomologists Harvey Reissig discusses integrated management of two pests in this video feature. To view the video, click here

CALS Green Celebration


Wasp and Bee Management: A Common-Sense Approach NRAES-185

  By Marty Sailus, NRAES This spiral–bound, 5-inch by 8-inch , 88-page book includes 60+ color photographs with descriptive profiles of over 20 wasp and bee species, detailing habitat, appearance, behavior, and more. The risk for stings, swarms, and property damage is discussed and non-chemical recommendations are given if action is appropriate. Recommended for landscapers, […]