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Joyce Wicksall receives award for 53 years of service

L to R: Jan Morawski, Joyce Wicksall, Alan Taylor, Michael Loos

Joyce B. Wicksall, Purity Technician for the New York State Seed Testing Laboratory, has been recognized for her enduring devotion to the Geneva Station Seed Lab.  On December 1, 2011, the New York State Department of Ag and Markets, Jan Morawski, presented her with a plaque for her many years of service at the New York Seed Conference held in Jordan Hall.

“In sincere appreciation and recognition of 53 years of dedicated service to the New York State Seed Testing   Laboratory and the agriculture of New York State.” signed by Commissioner Aubertine, Dept. of Ag and Markets.
During her tenure, she has seen the lab through all but one of the seven Seed Testing Lab Directors, fluctuations in funding, and has been directly responsible for upholding standards in purity set forth by the New York State Seed Law.  As a purity technician, Joyce has been noted as being one of the finest in the United States and excels in plant species recognition by seed.  She is greatly appreciated by all who know her.

Michael Loos,
Interim Director of the New York Seed Testing Laboratory


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