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Researchers get grants to sweeten New York apple crop

By Kara Lynn Dunn An abundance of crisp, sugary fruit has made the 2011 apple harvest an especially sweet one for New York growers, but Cornell researchers hope to make future crops even more valuable by reducing tree and fruit losses and enhancing production efficiency. Three recent grants from the New York State Department of […]

New Era on Castle Street

Early next month the doors to two brightly painted, beautifully renovated houses on Castle Street will swing open to welcome Cornell-NYSAES visitors from all over the world who travel to Geneva to advance the Station’s academic mission. This will mark the culmination of a 5-year effort to dramatically upgrade the quality of the living space […]

News Channel 9 – WSYR-TV interviews with Anna Katharine Mansfield and Greg Loeb

Jan Carabeo from News Channel 9 WSYR came to the Station yesterday to interview Anna Katharine Mansfield (Finger Lakes Wine) and Greg Loeb (Stink Bugs). See the links below: Finger Lakes Wine: Stink Bug Story: :

Worobo discovers compound in a honey that could lead to a new natural preservative

By Amanda Garris Honey has been used as a topical antibiotic since the Egyptians wrote papyrus prescriptions. Now, a Cornell food scientist has identified an antimicrobial compound in a honey that makes it a promising candidate as a natural preservative to prevent food-borne illness and food spoilage. Randy Worobo, associate professor of food microbiology at […]

Research Aims to Keep NY Crop Farms Healthy

Cornell Student Studies Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water For graduate research assistant Lisa Jones, slogging through the fields of any of 22 different farms is just another fine day. Jones’ graduate project involves plant bacterial pathogen detection, diagnosis and management at New York vegetable crop farms that use irrigation. “My ultimate goal is to determine […]

POLL: Stink Bug Invasion Hits Region—Do You Have Them?

Stink bugs. They certainly lack the great PR ladybugs enjoy — no pretty name, whimsical pattern or usefulness for keeping garden pests at bay — but just like the cute little ladies the Halyomorpha halys loves to snuggle into warm homes when the weather turns cooler. And they may be coming soon to your abode. The […]

Researchers awarded $4.5M for next generation grapes

By Amanda Garris Got Concord in the refrigerator, Pinot in the wine rack, or Thompson Seedless in the fruit bowl? These familiar grape varieties will be making room for the next generation of improved grapes, with a boost from two grants totaling $4.5 million. The projects, one led by Cornell grape breeder Bruce Reisch, professor […]

Art Agnello’s Recent Interview with the New York Times

Q. I know fruit doesn’t actually generate fruit flies, but how do they find out about a piece of fruit on the counter so quickly? A. “In a way, the fruit actually does generate them, because they are already present in the fruit when you buy it,” said Arthur M. Agnello, a professor of entomology […]

Custodians debut green building care program at Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva

By Amanda Garris Staff raiding the janitorial closet for supplies to clean up an after-hours spill will wonder where all the bottles are. The custodians Cornell’s New York Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) in Geneva have adopted a new, environmentally friendly cleaning system different enough to warrant a formal introduction. “The products were selected by the […]