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Urban Eden Class Plants in Ithaca and Geneva

June 1, 2011

Class gives Ithaca and Geneva sites a landscape makeover
Thomas Bjorkman and Kevin Maloney

Rob Way

Horticulture associate professor Thomas Bjorkman and technician Kevin Maloney assess their work while helping to landscape Hedrick Hall in Geneva.
By Amanda Garris

The face of Geneva’s Hedrick Hall at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES), with its simple evergreen hedge, didn’t hint at the building’s identity as the home of leading horticulturists for the past 80 years. But with new landscaping by the students and faculty of Cornell’s Creating the Urban Eden course, the building now sports an entrance as noteworthy as its horticultural legacy.

To read the full story about the new plants in front of Hedrick Hall in Geneva and in Ithaca, click here!

To see more photos of the landscaping project in action, click here!


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