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New Wireless Network in Lee Library

Red Rover comes on over to the Lee Library. Beginning today the Lee Library in Jordan Hall is providing wireless internet service via Red Rover, Cornell’s standard Wi-Fi.   First time users will want to register their laptops and portable Wi-Fi devices with the system. Red Rover Home Page How to Register a Device How to […]

Lee Library hours for week of Thanksgiving Holiday

The Lee Library‘s hours for the week of the Thanksgiving holiday are: Mon. 22Nov. 10:00am – Noon, 12:30pm – 2:00pm Tues. 23Nov. 10:00am – Noon, 12:30pm – 2:00pm Wed. 24Nov. 8:00am – Noon Thur. 25Nov. Closed Fri.     26Nov. Closed See also our hours posted on our Facebook page.  Have a great holiday break!

Blight research gets a drain

Work is proceeding quickly on installation of drain tile at the “Blight Farm”, the quarantine area at the Crittenden Farm. The tiling is part of an effort to create conditions ideal for research on innovative controls of phytophthora blight. The plan is to install a little over a mile of drain tile on the 8-acre […]

Better greenhouse access

Access to the greenhouses from the Horticulture Department will be easier this winter with the installation of a new sidewalk on the north side of the headhouse. Buildings and Properties staff installed the sidewalk over several nice fall days. Avid greenhouse user Matt Wavrick said, “I really like it, that’s going to be great. The […]