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Past Pubs Garner Fresh Interest Online

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A few years ago Cornell University Library (CUL) began a service called eCommons@Cornell.  The goal was to provide users with a stable online location to deposit Cornell related digital material for permanent preservation and open access distribution.   CUL “is a world leader in developing standards and best practices for digital archiving and preservation.  The Library is committed to preserving your work in eCommons for the long term, exactly as you deposit it,” (eCommons FAQ).  Being findable from search engines like Google Scholar means items in eCommons will be visible to the world.

The NYSAES has its own community page within eCommons.  The NYSAES Bulletins as well as other periodicals were uploaded early on by Mann LibraryLee Library saw the eCommons platform not only as a place for large serial titles but also as a repository for a host of smaller Station publications as well as scans of unique historical documents and rare ephemera.  A recent upgrade of the software now allows for viewing usage statistics which have yielded a few surprises.  Older Station works such as Proceedings of the Apple and Pear Scab Workshop and the classic Seedlessness in Grapes have been downloaded from eCommons dozens of times in the U.S. and also in locations like China, Japan, India, Russia, South America and Europe.  Often, newly posted items are viewed within just a few hours of being uploaded.  This unanticipated level of interest has prompted additional scanning and uploading, including titles like Grape Research News and Vineyard and Cellar Notes.

Another collection we have placed in eCommons is NYSAES Historical Weather Information which is comprised of various documents containing weather records going back over a century.  In this age of growing interest in past climate data Lee Library considers this small but relevant group of reports to be of significant potential use to the research community at large.

Lee Library will continue to add appropriate Station material to eCommons.  In the future we would like to post works representing a wider array of departments and research programs.  To suggest a title, please email Mike (mpf8) at Lee Library.  Thanks!


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