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The Finger Lakes Wine Industry Reinvents Itself: A History of the Wine Industry through 3 Waves of Variety Introductions

presented by Tim Martinson (Dept. of Horticultural Science, NYSAES)
Thursday, 15 April, 4pm
Mann Library, Room 160,

viewable via polycom video from the Staff Room, 2nd floor Jordan Hall here at the Station, please contact the Lee Library for additional details or see our posting on the NYSAES events calendar

Over 40 varieties of grapes are grown in the 10,000 acres under production in the Finger Lakes. Why are there so many, and how did they get here? The answer involves the region’s unique and challenging climate, a root insect called phylloxera, Thomas Jefferson, grape breeders on both sides of the Atlantic, a newspaper editor and wine enthusiast from Baltimore, and business imperatives of the changing wine industry from the 1860s to the present. In a talk at Mann Library, Tim Martinson, contributing author to Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America (NRAES, 2008) will weave together biological facts about our grape varieties with the history of the Finger Lakes wine industry to explain why perhaps the world’s most diverse collection of wine grapes exists right here in the Finger Lakes.

Mann Library is located on the Agricultural Quad off of Tower Road on the Cornell University campus. For more information, please call
607-255-5406 or visit


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