Adult Books, References, and Links about Spiders

Central Web Address:

  • Arachnology home page.
    Excellent resource. Over 1000 links to various arachnid sites. It includes projects for teachers, as well as extensive information on the arachnid groups, poisonous spiders, & various listservers.


  • Levi, H. & L. Levi 1990 . Golden Guide to Spiders & Their Kin. Golden Press, NY.
    Very good field guide to spiders. $5

General Books:

  • Mason, Adrienne 1999. The World of the Spider. Sierra Club Book, S.F.
    Stunning photos, well informed text, I was her consultant.
  • Preston-Mafham, R. & K. 1984. Spiders of the World. Facts on File, NY.
  • Preston-Mafham, K. & R. 1996. The Natural History of Spiders. Crowood Press, UK
    Beautiful photos, interesting text.
  • Foelix, R.F. 1996. Biology of Spiders. 2nd Ed. Oxford University Press, NY.
    Most authoritative arachnology text, but dry reading.
  • Gertsch, W.J. 1979. American Spiders. 2nd Ed. Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY.

Tarantula Care:

  • Marshall, S.D. 1996. Tarantulas and other Arachnids: A complete pet owners guide. Barrons, NY.
    Best book on tarantula care. (~$8)