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Veterans & Military Families


REWORRRS –  USDA-NIFA funded Returning Warriors Outdoor Recreation, Restoration, and Resilience Study. This qualitative study documents the proliferation of outdoor recreation and restoration activities in the US as both an aid in transition from combatant to civilian, and as a therapeutic modality.  A focus of the study is a dataset of interviews with combat wounded veterans while engaged in outdoor recreation, and analysis via multiple methods.

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Military Families Learning Network- Community Capacity Building & Transitions

SPEAR4  is working under the auspices of the DoD – USDA Military Extension Partnership, wherein NIFA, the Department of Defense, and the Land-Grant University System partner to enhance military family and youth quality of life through extension educational programs and research. As service members transition into veteran status, educational and career opportunities can take on even greater significance. The purpose of the Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) is to serve military family service professionals through engaged online communities which identify and make use of the highest quality best practices, research-and evidence-based information, educational and curriculum materials, and programming activities and efforts. SPEAR4  provides leadership for the Community Capacity Building concentration area within MFLN




Military Research Centers Summit

Organized by USC Social Work Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families, Dr. Tidball of SPEAR4  Cornell is collaborating with Dr. Gary Wynn of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Uniformed Services University  to better understand outdoor recreation and restoration activities for veterans and military families in the context of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

USC summit






UK/US Collaboration on Veteran Reintegration Through Recreation & Restoration

Dr. Tidball of SPEAR4 has recently been named a Senior Visiting Scholar at the University of Bath to work with colleagues in the UK to research linkages between outdoor recreation and restoration programs conducted in the US and the UK for veterans and military families. Efforts are underway to secure funding for this research collaboration. Partners in the UK include the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Help for Heroes and in the US include Sierra Club Outdoors and Project Healing Waters.

u of Bathwiltshire trust
help for heroes

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