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Small Farms Statistics

Want to learn more about small farms, CSAs, organic farms, and farmer’s markets throughout New York State? Look at any of the categories below or click on any of the links to fact sheets and databases found below to find out more!

Map showing the various locations of CSA’s near New York City. Photo courtesy of

Small Farm Facts

  • Small Farms, by definition, bring in less than $350,000 in annual income
  • Out of the 36,000 total farms in New York State, 32,700 are small farms according to the 2011 census
  • There were 1,921,058 small farms in the US in 2009, which translated to 90.1% of the total farms in the US at that time
  • Ag professionals are in high demand: nearly 60,000 highly skilled jobs in ag are available every year, but only 35,000 new ag graduates are available to fill them

CSA Facts

Organic Facts

Farmer’s Market Facts

More Resources:

State Fact Sheets
Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Factsheets for each state. Information on population, employment, income, farm characteristics, and farm financial indicators.

New York Agricultural Statistics Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
The so-called “fact finders for agriculture.” NYNASS offers statistics reports, press releases, special surveys, county estimates, crop weather, census reports, an estimates database, a kids’ page, and e-mail subscriptions.
New York Agricultural Statistics Service
1 Winners Circle
Albany, NY 12235
Phone: (518) 457-5570 or 1-800-821-1276
Fax: 1-800-591-3834

CSA Search Database (for New York City)
Just Food is a non-profit organization that connects communities and local farms with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to New Yorkers.

CSA & Farmer’s Market Search Database (all of New York)
LocalHarvest provides a database for all New Yorkers to search for CSA’s, Farmer’s Markets, Coops, and Farms in their area.

United States Census
The United States Census is an excellent source of statistics on the number of farms and farmers in the US as well as data on the income, crops, and exports of these farms.

Mann Library’s Ag and Food Data Guide
A guide to finding and using data to assess, document and demonstrate the needs and impacts of agriculture and food systems.

New York Agricultural and Food Systems Data site
The Program on Applied Demographics, or PAD, developed this site to share NY State specific agriculture and food systems data, including trends, maps, and graphs.​