Siem Reap – Key Pointers

Walking along the Old Market, there is a lot that one goes through in terms of a cultural exchange that this fantastic city offers at each of its nook and corners. We thought that since this blog shall remain as a record of the fun times we are going to embark upon in the next few days, it would be a good idea to pen down our last email on this forum as well. Hence, following are a few key pointers that one might find useful before coming here:
  1. Phones work on roaming but seem more expensive for prepaid plans, also make sure you call up your Service Providers o activate before you leave Singapore (For Starhub pre-paid, it is close to $5 per minute on prepaid, data charges are 5cents per KB – I have spent $15 on my BB Data Plan from morning until now, make sure you disable data service in you mobile phone’s options if you want to prevent the mistake I made!!)
  2. Postpaid plans roaming is a bit cheaper I guess
  3. Currency Exchange, is good if you get it from Singapore or else there are a lotta places on streets trading USD Vs SGD (rates differ, depends on how you negotiate)
  4. BARGAIN… and do it everywhere! The highest I was getting was USD 70 for SGD 100, fifteen minutes later another one gave me $75.5
  5. 25 cents (US) = 1000 Riel, if you buy something for $1.50 and give a $2 – you will get 2000 Riel (Yes, they do not have 50 cent coins! Make sure you use the Riel when you buy something next)
  6. Airport entry is USD 20 or if you have SGD (like we did) its SGD 35 pp
  7. Going rate of Tuk-Tuk is only $1-$2.
  8. Window shoppers, you guys will have a tough time!! The vendors if asked “how much?” take it for granted that you WILL buy the article! They will follow you and ultimately convince you to buy something you never wanted in first place. (I will show you my LOCAL CAMBODIAN dress – if you promise you wont make fun when I wear it!!)

People are fantastic -Tourists are friendly and locals are very helpful (but please negotiate – everywhere!!)

Floating fishermen villages – we did not see its reference anywhere – everybody here says we cannot miss it!

Let the fun begin!

-Saroj & Manish

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