What is SGRS?

It’s the Sibley Graduate Research Symposium.  This of it as a conference here at Cornell that is run by and just for Sibley graduate students.  It’s a chance to share your work with your peers and get conference experience and it will be awesome.


How long do abstracts need to be?

200 words or fewer


When are abstracts due?

Due date for 2019 abstracts has not yet been determined.  


Who should submit?

Any graduate student doing research under an MAE field member (which includes all Sibley faculty). The more abstracts we receive, the more coherently we can organize our sessions with a balance of common themes and wide representation of research groups.


How long are the presentations?

We anticipate that they will be approximately 10 minutes long with two minutes for questions.


Can I reuse an abstract from another conference?

Yes, as long as it is your abstract and represents the work you’d like to present at SGRS.

What happens after I submit my abstract?

The SGRS Organizing Committee will review all abstracts.  Presenters will be chosen based on the quality of their abstracts, but we will also be looking for common themes and good representation from all research groups.


Why should I do this?

There are a lot of reasons: for conference experience, to share your work with your peers, so your friends from other labs know what you’re talking about, to show off, because it’s going to be awesome.  And there are prizes… the list goes on.


How can I help?

First, tell your friends about it.  Second, come to our meetings Thursdays in Upson 331 at 3PM.  We’ll announce more opportunities to help out as they come up.


What happened to the poster session?

The poster session is no longer a part of SGRS, and will remain part of the visit weekend festivities.  Stay tuned for more information in the winter!