Courses Taught

Pesticides represent the largest group of compounds that are intentionally released into the environment. The courses I teach focus on two different aspects of pesticides. The first course covers all types of pesticides with the overall goal of examining the good and bad things that come from pesticide use.  Pesticides, the Environment and Human Health (ENTOM and TOX 3070) covers many topics, including the following: Basics of Toxicology, What is a pesticide and where are they used, History and evolution of pesticides, Genetic engineering and pest control in the future, Benefits of pesticides, Problems associated with pesticide use, Fate of Pesticides in the Environment, Alternatives to Conventional Pesticides, Deciding what is “Safe”, Pesticides and the media, Pesticides and cancer and Pesticides and reproduction. The second course I teach covers insecticides in detail. Insecticide Toxicology (ENTOM and TOX 4900), including their metabolism mechanisms of action and insecticide resistance.

Both courses are designed to be interactive, with multiple lecture styles and participation activities over the course of the semester.

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