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2000px-Environmental_Protection_Agency_logo.svgIPM is smart, sensible, sustainable approach to managing pests that emphasizes pest prevention and the appropriate use of pesticides.


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The Purpose of EPA’s School IPM Listserv?

To share information on school IPM with a broad cross-section of school administrators, business officials, facility managers, nurses, students, parents, university extension, and others with interest in pest management and healthy school environments. We will highlight common sense strategies to reduce pests and unnecessary exposure to pesticides in schools. Subscribers will learn about the work of EPA’s Center of Expertise for School IPM and the resources it makes available as well as significant EPA Regional activities.


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You’ll be aware of upcoming webinars, news from EPA, the Center of Expertise for School IPM, and The IPM Institute. Join the conversation or quietly stay on top of new research, new concerns and upcoming conferences and workshops.




Leaders in the field of School IPM put their collective heads together on the EPA’s School IPM Listserv . Join us!

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