068 The End of Another Semester

Firstly, I have to apologize for going AWOL this semester. It’s been event-filled and I can’t believe how time flies by. I am so excited to publicly announce that I’ll be spending next semester in New York City, working at New York Presbyterian Hospital and volunteering in different neighborhoods through the Urban Semester program. Of course I’ll be documenting my semester and keeping you all up to date.

I, of course, went to the last Salsa Night at Agava of the semester. It was a grand event – threw a fun pregame and went all out with the drinks – strawberry daiquiris, mango margaritas, etc. It was a great last sha-bang with my friends.

It was a lot harder than I thought to say goodbye to Ithaca, even if it’s just for a semester. I had to pack up all my things and actually move out of my house on North, where I’ve lived for the last year and a half. Let me tell you, I have a lot of crap I’ve accumulated. I’m going to try to live a more minimal lifestyle in New York, and hopefully only bring the necessities (even though I have no idea what to pack for a winter in NYC??). I had to throw out a lot of things and deciding what to keep was tricky. I always had to ask myself, “would I want to see this in 20 years?” to which I would always answer, “yes”.  In the midst of packing, I got a call from my mom, saying there was a huge snow storm coming and that I should get home before it comes – which gave me about 9 hours to pack an entire house up. The time crunch made me turn all those yes’s into no’s. I threw out cards and little notes and doodles I had kept from freshman year, t-shirts I wore to paint mixers, foam parties, and God knows what else. I threw away little stuffed animals I had won and ticket stubs from the semesterly movies I would watch after my last finals. I donated dresses from formals and first dates that I would never actually wear again, but that I’ve kept for the memories. I threw away treasures from the Farmers’ Market and receipts from my first times at restaurants. Those 9 hours made me so sad to leave for the city, and yet I felt the sense that something was lifted off my shoulders. I felt productive and ready to take on another chapter in my life.

Fast forward to 6 hours after I got home (because I spent 5 of those hours napping). I tried to unpack, but realized there wasn’t any room in my room to unpack! Every shelf and drawer was filled with crap from high school. It made me realize that I had to do the same thing with my childhood room. So I spent the majority of this morning trying to throw things away (if only my parents didn’t think every single thing was important. No, mom, no one uses boom boxes anymore. No mom, even if Hello Kitty goes back into style, I will not want to wear it. No mom, I won’t want to read the Twilight series ever again”). It’s probably going to take me a week just to clear out my room, and then another to unpack everything into where it belongs, but it’ll be my little project – especially because I am SO bored here. Don’t get me wrong, I love home. But beside meals, there isn’t that much to do around here when it’s cold. I thought about working out…that’s how little there is to do around here.

I think that’s all for now. I’m about to create a post of every restaurant I think a student should go to before they graduate, because I definitely couldn’t hit up all of them before I left for the semester.

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