067 October Challenge Day 3: What You Need to Stay Organized

I’m already slacking on this challenge. I’m so sorry for missing yesterday’s post! I was attending FNCE all day and when I got home, I passed out. Anyway, I’ve decided to combine day 4 and 5 together into a Family and Friends post, so I’ll write about school today!

I don’t know about you, but I can never finish a planner before I see another one I like. They’re just all so pretty and no planner has the same format. They range from $5-$50 and I must have a million by now. Well, this year is a little different. I actually have three planners and I’ve been sticking to those three since January, which is pretty nice. I have a weekly planner, which is legal-sized and fits nicely with my other folders and notebooks. I keep that around in my bag during the day, so I can jot down assignments and things to do. Regarding appointments, I have Google Calendar for that. It’s a life saver. I love the options it has (color coding, repeat, sync, etc.) and it’s really user friendly. Google calendar also allows easy access, as you can clearly see what your week, month, or even year, looks like. Lastly, I have a bullet journal. Mine’s a Leuchtturm1917. Usually I prefer Moleskine, but this year, there was a 30% sale on Leuchtturm1917 at the Cornell store so I stocked up. My bullet journal is basically a hand-formatted planner. I have control over monthly, weekly, and daily formatting and it’s basically one giant to-do list. I also have random pages between my organized calendars for notes, feelings and thoughts, grocery lists, random doodles, etc. It’s a bit messier than the ones I’ve seen on Tumblr, but it’s personalized and I like that it doesn’t have the rigidity I give my other calendars. I use my bullet journal mainly for when I’m doing my work.

Here’s some inspiration:






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