060 How to Update Your Closet for College

Packing for college is hard! Most people overpack, and think they need everything and more, when in reality, you should opt to minimize your lifestyle at college! You don’t need every single piece of clothing ever created, and it’s better to do the shopping once at school, than before school. Shopping before school usually tends to over-shopping, and getting things you don’t actually need! (Hint: Buy your textbooks after you get your course syllabus).

College is a new start and you should definitely seek out to clean out your closet. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it fit?
2. Is it wearable / in good condition?
3. Do you even wear it ever?
4. Is it in style?
5. Can it be worn in more than one outfit?

Donate the clothes that don’t qualify these questions. Then think about what you need and research what stores have what you’re looking for. My goal this semester is to keep my clothes monochromatic, so I won’t waste so much time trying to piece together outfits. Instead, everything will match and look good in all situations. When you’re shopping, think of how a certain article of clothing can be used in more than one way. Don’t forget to use your new student discount to get the most of your shopping!

Don’t forget to take into account all the different occasions you’ll be in!

-Interviews (You’ll probably only need 1 good quality interview outfit)
-Formals (Nothing like prom, but there are a couple formal social events during each semester, especially if you join clubs and organizations!)
-Going Out
-Weather (rain, snow, sun – we’ve got everything here in Ithaca)

And of course, at least one article of Cornell gear!

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