059 Student Survival Kit

Eek- It’s that time of year again! Don’t worry, incoming Freshmen, EVERYONE’s excited for orientation week. Remember that one¬†Arthur scene where he’s running down the street, as the surroundings go from sunny and green to red, brown, and orange leaves and wind swirls in the sky (Season 2, Episode 9, FYI). That’s totally what I’m feeling right now. Although I’m ready for another fresh start and to welcome the new freshmen, I’m so sad that summer is almost over. I tried so many new things this summer, and met so many incredible people. While most of my friends chose the paid-internship route in NYC or California, I decided to stay another summer in Ithaca. It was absolutely amazing and I’ll write another post on what I’ve been up to later, but for now, I’ve prepared a list of things to bring to Cornell, a survival kit, if you will.

-Band-aids, particularly those ones with the hello kitty faces on them
-Allergy Medicine
-Cold and Flu Medicine

-Deck of Cards
-Ping Pong Balls
-Water Bottle
-Crossbody Bag
-Bottle Opener / Corkscrew

-Mini-stapler (Keep in school bag)
-Extra phone charger (Keep in school bag)
-Day Planner
-Extra Pair of Headphones (keep in school bag)

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