053 The Years Without Them


Since Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix, I’ve just been rotting away in bed whenever I have the chance. The ultimate mother-daughter relationship. It’s safe to say most girls want the Lorelai-Rory relationship with their parents. I’ve always been jealous of that.

I was never really that close with my parents. I never told them where I was, what I was doing, or how my days went in high school. In fact, I didn’t see them for a large majority of my teen-years. I was either busy at after-school activities or they were busy at work. I would usually have to figure out my own dinner plans, where I felt like most families sat down at a designated time everyday to spend a meal together. That being said, I thought college would be so easy without them, since I never felt like they were a large part of my high school life anyway. On move-in day, I saw most students walking around with their parents behind them. I met the families and extended families of my housemates. I saw parents crying. I was always walking alone, but never minded that my parents weren’t there.

When my classes started picking up and the work seemed overwhelming, I didn’t really know who to turn to. I decided to reach out to my mom and it actually helped me a lot. Right before my first prelim, I remember freaking out and I don’t think I really believed how understanding my parents are. I admitted that I knew nothing on the prelim and she surprisingly told me to just try my best and it would be okay if I didn’t do as well as I hoped. She told me she was proud of me for being at Cornell and that she would be proud of me as long as I tried my best. I think I really needed to hear that, because ever since, my parents and siblings and I have been in a group chat. We’ve been updating each other on our lives and problems ever since. It’s shown me that who I thought my parents were in high school is completely different than who they actually are. Yeah, they’re still pretty annoying sometimes, especially when they call me a million times in a row when I tell them I’m in a meeting. But I’ve started to notice everything they do for me. My first semester, I got a care package right before finals, which had a giant bulk-sized jar of Nutella. It was awesome. They are now always sending me the latest links of news about Ebola, and we’ve even planned our escape plan if Ebola outbreaks in the US. I even told them about my relationship with Brandon, something I probably wouldn’t have done in high school. I’ve realized how lucky I am to live so close to home. Whenever I need something, I can just ask my parents to bring it up and then they can treat me to lunch! They always remind me I can come home whenever I want, and always offer to make the drive up to Ithaca to see me.

I’m not really sure how, but parents get a lot cooler in college.

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