050 Presenting… Slope Studio

One of my friends, Sofia Hu, founded Slope Studio last year, which is a new initiative that utilizes an abandoned room in Willard Straight to encourage Cornellians to foster their creativity. Open throughout the day, the studio offers free art supplies and workspace to anyone! They are also working with Cornell Minds Matters to run creativity programs that can help reduce stress for students. It’s such a cool place to just hang out! You go down flights of stairs of Willard Straight and enter into this room with a center island and stools in the middle. To the side, there’s a chill lounge area with really modern seats — it makes me think that it should be made into a cafe of some sort. There’s a supply room, which has shelves lined up with free brushes, pastels, oils, paints, charcoal, pencils, etc. They even have a sewing machine! They have really great pictures and information on their website, www.cornellslopestudio.com – check it out!


I have the great opportunity to lead one of the several workshops the studio offers as well. These workshops are free and open to everyone at Cornell. There’s even a graduate student in my still-life class who is concentrated in computer science! No experience is necessary and honestly, it’s such a fun place to hang out. Come join my class every Sunday from 4:30-5:30! Each class so far has been a different medium and when it was really nice out, I even took the class outside to sketch the slope.


It’s been great so far! I’m so excited to see where Slope Studio goes and how it will grow. Their PR team has done an excellent job – with posters and stickers all over campus – and I hope Slope Studio becomes a more popular thing!

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