029: Africa, Day 1

I’m not sure if I have talked about this before, but earlier this past semester, I had applied to a volunteering program in Africa. Although I can only stay here for two weeks, I am SO thankful for this opportunity. The program, One Heart Source, offers volunteer programs throughout Africa, and I actually cannot believe that I am here right now. This is my first time in Africa, and it’s incredible. After a 6 hour flight to London from NYC, and a 13 hour flight to Cape Town from London, I am finally here, jet-lagged and all.

I remember on the plane, I opened my eyes as I flew over the coast of Africa to the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. The horizon was flat, and was glowing with an immense red. It was incredible – more incredible than the sunset in Lion King. I didn’t sleep or eat that much on the plane either…but it was still great.

When I arrived, I got a SIM card and exchanged my USD to RAN. I went to the hostel I’m staying at for a couple of days, “The Backpack,” located right near Long Street, the “Collegetown” of Cape Town. This is my first time at a hostel, and I must say – it’s actually very nice. With only 8 USD / night, there’s free wifi, a bar, a lounge, shower, warm water, bedding, etc. and everyone is super friendly! What is also amazing is that the hostel, like many other businesses and homes here, run from solar power, which was surprising. After taking a long nap and FaceTiming friends from home, a couple of my new friends and I ate a Moroccan dinner and explored Long Street.

I get to explore Cape Town for another day before I move to an apartment in Hout Bay and start volunteering. I can’t wait for the rest of my trip! I’m going to try and film and take a lot of pictures of my adventures here. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of what to check out!

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