006 Sieve, You Suck!

Last night was Cornell’s first hockey game of the season. It was so much fun and I definitely recommend to get season tickets.This was unlike any high school sports event I’ve ever attended, solely because of the student cheers. My high school had our “Den Men”, a group of students who would attend every basketball game and cheer them on. Although we would be mean to the opposing team, it was not at the same level as those who were in the stands last night. Almost every student was wearing red and screaming at the other team that they sucked and they should go home. We targeted the goalie of the other team and our cheers to him were especially rude. He was known as the sieve the entire game and when someone read his bio, after each sentence, you would hear a “YOU SUCK” in unison. I was surprised that there were so many traditional cheers and there was something about being a part of it that made me realize how much I love the student body here. Although my dinner plans ran late (No. 34 off the 161 Things to Do at Cornell can be checked off) and I was late to the game, apparently it’s tradition that the students read newspapers as the opposing team is welcomed by the announcer. Everyone knows about throwing the fish on the ice at the Cornell-Harvard game, but I was also told people bring their own Colgate toothpaste when we play Colgate as well. I will definitely be looking forward to that.

Cornell won to York University 7-2 I believe and every single time we scored, the entire crowd, already standing, would jump up and scream the second the puck entered the net. The excitement was unbelievable and I’ve actually lost my voice from screaming so much. It was amazing and I cannot wait to be a part of it again next time!

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